• When: 11/05/14
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: WingBack, Grillz, Chaser, Sway, Robber, Termite, TNT, Hee Haw, Beemer, Double Rub

The Bear Crawl Tour

11 PAX at THE BULL for GORUCK training this morning. Great job to all the PAX this morning!  This was our last workout before our 4 hour event Friday night.  Everybody did a great job and the teamwork has improved a ton.

Conditions: 51 Degrees, Clear skys


Quick discussion about events for workout then pickup coupons (2 – 50lb Sandbags, 1 – 26lbs Keltbell).

The Thang

Assign Beemer Team Leader – Get to State House

Stop at Russell House -Feet on the wall – Plank 1 minute – Decline Merkins – Plank or hold at bottom chest 2 inches off ground – 12 Single Count

Rucks overhead – Hold 2 minutes, Shoulder press – Left/Right 15 single count

At Horse Shoe Bear Crawl with Coupons – 75 yards – Team had to think a little on this one,

Down Sumter Street to Main St. Sidewalk Ramp – with Rucks/Coupons overhead

State House Steps line up Bear Crawl up steps.

Top of the steps with Ruck on Flutter Kicks: 25 – 4 CT, Overhead Shoulder Presses Left/Right/Hold 15 single count, Hands down the steps Decline Merkins – 10 single count,

New Leader – Gillz – Get to IHOP – Got team to the IHOP Rucks Squats – 25 Single Count

Get to park on USC with Horse statue – NASCAR Bear Crawl around Horse Statue – no coupons

Get Team to Bull – Work on Cadence then pick up pace to bottom of Bull.


Great work by the PAX this morning.  Our teamwork was at its best this morning and we are all getting better at listening to the leader. I really think we will do a lot better this Friday night thank we did our first event.


11/05/14 – HHDHH – 5:15pm

11/07/14 – Be There NO LATER THAN 8:15pm for BOM. Starts at 8:30 – 12:30pm GORUCK Practice Event – State House

11/13/14 – Cookout at Boris house: Discuss Friday night, look at pack, what is working/not working. More details to come this week.

BOM – Robber

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