• When: 12/05/14
  • QIC: Napalm
  • The PAX: Sway, Pajanimal, Tough Guy, A1A, Jay D, EZ, Dufresne, MaGoo, DoubleMint, Pothole, Phonebooth, Creole, Napalm

Return to the DonutRun

13 pax posted with several returning after several weeks away.  Distances ranged from 3.4 miles up to 6 miles for the morning run.

Conditions: 54 degrees and dark

The Thang:

12 guys departed the back for Dunkin Donuts for a 22 minute out and back run through Archers Court and Quail Valley.  Some made it to Harbison and beyond will others made the turn at Columbiana for the return trip back.  Pax number 13 met up with the main group on the return trip after having hit his snooze button one time too many.



Great to see Double Mint return as he has begun some long training runs in preparation for an event.  Glad Magoo made it as well after asking the SC Nan’tan if he was skeered to post this morning.  Great to have some of the GoRuckers return and see a majority of the pax preparing for the P200.  This is a great place and time to get the training for that event underway.


  • Families Helping Families donations are still being accepted through Saturday.  The need is still great.
  • BIRCH will be leading North Augusta on 12/13/14.  See Napalm if interested in going with the group.
  • BIRCH Christmas party is Thursday, December 11th.  This will be a great event.

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