• When: 09/30/14
  • QIC: Wedgie
  • The PAX: Verizon, Estrada, Chinstrap, Donatello, Julep, Ponzi, Spirit Fingers, Snake, PAC, Bagger, Harp, Curd, Wedgie


CONDITIONS: 65 degrees



Mosey to practice field

SSH x20 IC
TTT x20 IC
WM x20 IC
LBAC x20 IC (10 each direction)
BBAC x20 IC (10 each direction)

Line up on goal line
Sprint to other goal line
Bear Crawl back 25 yards
Lunge back 25 yards
Broad Jump back 25 yards
Karaoke remaining 25 yards
Rinse and Repeat

Line up on goal line and Count off by 2’s
Form 2 lines
Over and Under to the 50 yard line

Form 2 lines and Sprint Relay to goal line and back

Mosey to base of Corner Stairs
Suicide Stairs

Circle up at Pull-Up Bars for Dealers Choice
Chinstrap- Dips on Batting Cage 10 OC
Estrada- Pull-Ups 10 OYO
Spirit Fingers- 8 Count Body Builders 10 OYO
Spirit Fingers- Asian Merkins 10 OYO
Wedgie- BBSU’s 50 OYO
Wedgie- 6”

COT: Wedgie

Pray for the Phillips family returning home today
Convergence at Graveyard next Saturday

BOM: Wedgie

Note- Written by Wedgie.

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