• When: 10/17/14
  • QIC: Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Hoser, Say What?!, Wedgie, Yellow Cake, (Peachy and Freon posted at courthouse by mistake)

PRs Are Meant to Be Blown Through Like a Zeal of Zebras Being Chased by a Lion

4 pax post to run the dam and break some personal records!  I thought of using a herd of elephants in the title… until I learned that a group of elephants is actually called a parade.  A group of zebras is called a zeal… so there you go.

2 pax also posted but did not see two tweets about the change in location and went to the wrong place.  TClaps to them for still running and not going back to the fartsack!

The Conditions: 50° and windy on the dam.  As we Chicagoans call it, “Cooler by the lake”… but it’s usually warmer by the lake in the winter… go figure.

The Thang:

Mozy to the starting line past the locks of love bridge and to the stop light before the dam.  At the gun (there really wasn’t one), high-tail it to the other side of the dam, turn your keister around and run faster back….


Devo: Philippians 3:7-9… Suffer the loss of all the rubbish or trash in your life and gain Christ.


Check out the updated spreadsheet with 5K times.  The link is here.  2 of 3 pummeled their previous personal records like a zeal of zebras. YHC served as time keeper and encourager as he is nursing a knee/leg injury.  These guys ran so fast they couldn’t help but bring up a special topic after Wedgie’s prayer request.  I will only show these pictures.  You will have to ask them about the topic.



  • Turning point will start meeting at 0500 next Tuesday/Thursday and 0630 on Saturday.
  • Another P200 team is forming.  Contact Mungo if interested.  Cost goes up after 10/31.
  • Tailgating tonight at river bluff.  It’s the Lexington Wildcats vs. River Bluff Gators.  Who will you root for?  or will you root for White Knoll like Wedgie?
  • Pray for Wedgie’s wife Katie who will be delivering their 4th child next month!


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