• When: 2017-08-22
  • QIC: Stones
  • The PAX: Major Pain, Sharknado, Sand Dollar, The Don, Lock Box, Convoy, Stones

Post Eclipse Boys Meet Up at Strut for Some Turf Work

All PAX would agree that yesterday’s eclipse was the most spectacular natural spectacle they’ve ever witnessed.  And at the end of this post all PAX would agree that YHC has this thing for wet, freshly cut, lawns.  Seven of us stretched out on the outfields, the end zones, and the pitch, and took home enough turf to cover the bare spots.  We kept moving all over this park for a good ole fashion beatdown .  Dang good morning.  Thanks for coming out.

CONDITIONS: Clear, grassy and muggy and 78


DISCLAIMER: Don’t do anything today that will keep you from working out Thursday


Mosey around far ball field. COP 2 exercises. Mosey thru 2nd ball field. COP 2 exercises.  Mosey thru 3rd ball field for 2 COP exercises. Two more COP exercises.

Mosey to Pull Up Rock Pile.  OYO.
20 MP/Mosey to Steps/10 Iron Crosses/Mosey to RRP 20 MP.  RR Twice, Mosey on Six

Mosey to Football Field Via Soccer Field Stopping for One Round of Merkins

Mosey to Football Field Corner. OYO but with Group.
1st Lap: 5 Merks/10 Big Boys at each corner.  Mosey on Six.
2nd Lap: 10 Calf Raises/10 Mt Climbers.  Mosey on Six.

3rd Lap: 10 LBCs/5 Merks.  Mosey on Six.

Mosey to Bleachers.  OYO.

5 Dips/10 Calf Raises.  RR except 10/20

Mosey to Small Rock Pile.

IC 4 Ct: 10 MPs/10 Triceps.  OYO: 20 Flys

Mosey to Flag

Circle of Trust

Count/Names:  and…

Announcements: 1) Leap Expansion in Laurens this weekend and 9/2, email Brother Si at [email protected] 2) Sept 2 Regional Convergence at Foxhole 3) Sept is Lake Murray’s formal opportunity to post at The Mission (Finley Park 0830 Saturdays), Strut posts 9/30.

Praises/Prayers: 1) Shellback having neck surgery this Thursday 2) Pray for friend of Major Pain’s, Pat Campbell, who is dealing with Cancer 3) Smokey has friend whose mother-in-law was killed in Conway bank robbery. 4) Fiji and M as they hike in Yosemite.

BOM:  Convoy closes us in prayer.

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