• When: 2017-08-22
  • QIC: Recall
  • The PAX: Fast Casual, Booster, Fry Daddy, Voltron, Quisenberry, Merit Badge, Boo (Respect), Whiffle Ball (Respect), Tater, Greenbow (Respect), Wapner, Tattoo, Nibbles, Quest, Higgins (Respect), Wilbur, Simon Says, Canseco, Nail Pop, Treadmill, Swanson, Recall

Back to Skool Beatdown

With today being the first day back to school for all the kids and teachers in the area, YHC was determined to give the PAX a challenging workout. And they rose to the occasion, with hard work and some great mumblechatter.  It has been humbling to witness the explosion of PAX at Turning Point the past couple of months and YHC can only hope the great influence of F3 continues to grow.

Conditions: 78 deg and muggy

Disclaimer, Prayer

The Thang:

Head to block pile, grab blocks and circle up

Shoulder press with blocks x 15 IC

Curls for the Girls x15 IC

Squats x15 IC

SSH x20 IC

Repeat shoulder press, curls, and squats, all IC

Merkins x20 OYO

Repeat shoulder press, curls, and squats, all IC

Return blocks and mosey to track

Six stations around track = Split up into 6 groups

Complete exercise at each station and move to next station as a group

Station #1: Jump Squats x20

Station #2: Merkins x20

Station #3: Monkey Humpers x 20

Station #4: Plank Jacks x 20

Station #5: Lunge to next station

Station #6: Burpees x 10

Complete two rotations around the track, then line up at base of hill.

Elevens on the hill:

Merkins x 10 at base of hill

Run up hill backwards

Monkey Humpers x1 at top of hill and run to bottom of hill

Decrease one rep at bottom of hill and increase one rep at top of hill until time called

Recover and COT



Wingman is at 04:30, every Thursday at Turning Point

8/23: Stomp the Swamp Preview run; all other running AOs are closed

8/26: Stomp the Swamp at RBHS; double down opportunity after convergence at Graveyard

11/11: Cheech 10K Memorial

12/15: Christmas Party


Prayer Requests:

All teachers and students starting back to school today

Nail Pop, in process to adopt a 15 year old in the foster system