• When: 2019-02-28
  • QIC: Lumbergh
  • The PAX: G.I. Jane, Devito, Arrears, Blue Crab, Soft Toss, Fools Gold, Sir Topham Hatt, Stagecoach

Pole Touching & Picnics at Depot

It’s 5:30 AM on a Thursday, where else would you want to be than at Depot?! Huh? Sleep?! Sleep doesn’t get you better, unless you’re sleepy… I think I understand now.

But we’re here to get stronger and fellowship. So let’s get started! 6 PAX for bootcamp and 3 running PAX.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • Hillbillies x 10 IC
  • Little (baby) Arm Circles (forward) x 10 IC
  • Little (baby) Arm Circles (backward) x 10 IC
  • Plank 30 seconds (no recover)
  • Plank right arm up 30 seconds (no recover)
  • Plank left arm up 30 seconds (no recover)
  • Low Plank 30 seconds (no recover)
  • 10 Merkins OYO (recover)

Picnic Bench Melee

Learned this one at Strut. It was fun then, so why not have fun here. 6 PAX surround picnic bench. 1 PAX hops up on bench in plank position. 5 PAX lift picnic bench up waist high as the designated PAX performs 10 merkins.

But at Depot, we can’t have normal picnic benches. The chosen bench included one protruding side of the table-top. Here’s an artist’s rendition:

2 PAX on one side, 2 PAX on opposite side, 1 PAX on protruding side, and 1 PAX up top. Rotate positions clockwise after PAX finishes merkins. Repeat until everyone has had a chance on top. #equalopportunity

Big Field Bootcamp

All PAX grab a block and meet up at the light pole nearest to the entrance of the big field. Some PAX members tried to go to the light pole in the gravel parking lot…

Drop your block off at first light pole (Station 2). PAX were surprised to see exercise instructions already placed on the light pole. There were more exercise instructions listed on the far corner of the big field (Station 1). Field conditions were moist but not puddle-ly. Due to wetness and soccer goal placements, we unfortunately couldn’t touch all poles on the field… #sadpanda. Here’s a bird-eye view of our path:

For each loop around the big field, PAX would perform the corresponding exercise. For example, on loop 1 you would perform exercise 1 at both station 1 & station 2. Here are the list of exercises at each station:

Station 1

  1. Merkins x 20
  2. Big Boys x 20
  3. Hand Release Merkins x 20
  4. American Hammer x 20
  5. Alternating Shoulder Taps x 20

Station 2

  1. Rows x 20
  2. Shoulder Press x 20
  3. Tricep Extensions x 20
  4. Block Swing x 20
  5. Hordor x 10

PAX that finished all 5 laps early would run one more lap to make a total of 6 laps.

Put the block up, meet up with the runners, circle around the flag.

Announcements: P200 is coming

If you read this far, I hope you’re sitting down. Your heart might skip a beat, there’s a lot of sexy in this pic: