• When: 12/08/14
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: Napalm, JD, Magoo, TNT

Please…No More Duck Walking!

5 Pax decided to brave what is known as The Devil’s Mile.  Bear Crawls be damned…those Duck Walks are brutal!  3 PAX with full GoRuck weight, 1 light, and 1 naked (not literally).

Conditions: 42 degrees and dark

The Thang:
No COP…walking to the 1/4 mile track from the parking lot was warm-up enough.

Mosey to the running track.

Perform the following:
1/4 mile Bear Crawl
30 Merkins
1/4 Lunges
30 Squats
1/4 Duck Walk
30 Squat Presses with ruck
1/4 run/walk with ruck overhead


– So the bear crawls sucked.  Duck walk – even worse.  There are some concerns over the Duck Walk.  Knee problems mostly.  A few of the Pax resorted to a modified version, one that was less stress on the knees.
– A few suggestions up fro vote: eliminate the duck walk and replace with something else just as diabolical – but less strenuous on the knees; or perform each of the above at 100M increments with the pain stations at the end of each.  1 mile can still be achieved, but there won’t be one straight 1/4 mile of one exercise.  Feedback is appreciated.
– The Devil’s Mile is here to stay!  It’s ruck friendly and a nice breakup from the normal workout.
– One last thing to note…Magoo and TNT made the observation that a Duck Walk with a ruck looks oddly like a turtle.

0 thoughts on “Please…No More Duck Walking!”

  1. I’d keep distances all at 1/4 mile for the standard. Maybe lose duck walk and put crab walk in its place? The point is to keep it hard and to push through the suck of the movement. If you break it up too much, you lose that flavor. Great job leading the way. This is definitely a keeper. TClaps!

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