• When: 09/04/14
  • QIC: Phonebooth
  • The PAX: Creole, Sparky, Money Penny, Flux, Stirrups, FNG - Holy Water, Light bill, Zamboni, Rafter, Hall Pass, Dirt Bag, Sloppy Joe, Rudy, Phonebooth

Phonebooth brings Ab-domination to Speedtrap

14 Pax rolled into the gloom at Speedtrap this morning for a nonstop, burning 45 min Ab workout delivered by YHC. Upon arrival, the Pax were discussing the left over pain from the R2D2 upper body smoke session on Tuesday, but little did they know that YHC was seeking to smoke their abs and create a full upper body portrait of pain that they would be able to savor tomorrow.

Conditions: 72 deg, wet grass, sore abs


Mosey to the Baseball field, jog in place for 2 min of high knee intervals

Stationary Workout (4 count)
Imperial Walker x 40 IC
LBCs x 40 IC
Freddie Mercury x 40 IC
Burt Reynolds (aka Oblique Crunch) x 40 (each side) IC
Stretch Abs – put your junk in the dirt and look up
Flutter kicks x 40 IC
Hello Dolly x 40 IC
Rosalita x 40 IC
Atomic Situps x 25 (single ct), def: lay on back with arms/legs straight out at 6″ ground, crunch up to form a V with your body, then back down. Yeah, it sucks.
Stretch Abs – put your junk in the dirt and look up
Dying cockroach x 40 IC
Russian Twist x 40 IC
Buddy up for next exercises: BBSU x 100 and Iron Crosses x 100 per person
Plank waiting on the 6
Stretch Abs – put your junk in the dirt and look up
Russian Twist x 21 IC to finish out the 45 min
Stretch Abs – put your junk in the dirt and look up

Mosey to shovel flag

BOM & COT led by Phonebooth


Great/tough workout today! Pax really pushed themselves hard all the way to the end. As much pain as it was and is, this will help increase BBSU #s on the next PT test.

Remember to stretch your Abs tonight and in the morning.


– Fall Mud Run signup is still active! https://f3mudrunfall2014.eventbrite.com/
– Swagger Donut Run at old Blockbuster in Irmo at 5:30am behind Dunkin Donuts on Lake Murray on Fri
– Governor’s Cup 1/2 Marathon in November
– Remember to Pray for Walker and his family each day at noon.
– New FNG today, Brett Collins, F3 – Holy Water

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