• When: 2019-03-12
  • QIC: Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Bud, Flipper (R), Updyke. Toe Tag, Fire Daddy

Oh shovel flag where art thou

5 pax posted at the The Roost Tuesday under the promise of a full body beat down and the handing off the of the shovel flag.  Well since the shovel flag fartsacked (once again) there was only one other thing to do.  Here’s how it went down:

Conditions: Mid 40s

Tha Thang:

Quick warm up around the track to see if the shovel flag was running late. Nope, so down the to corner of stadium parking we went.

SSH (IC) x 15

Windmills (IC) x 10

Imperial Walkers (IC) x 10

Merkin Snake- Run first parking lot row and perform 2 merkins. Run next row and add 2 more merkins,  Continue on through a total of 7 rows to the end of lot finishing with 14 merkins and plank on the 6.

Squat Snake- Reverse course substitute squats.

Head to top of suicide hill partner up and grab 1 block per pair.


100 Thrusters- P1 starts work while P2 runs down to middle speed bump and back.  Flip flop.  Continue until total reps are completed.

200 Curls: Same as above

300 Chest Presses: Same above

Return blocks and start light pole LBCs.  Heading back to virtual shovel flag perform 10 LBCs at each lightpole.  (7 total)

Back on track for Merkin half mile.  20 merkins, run a lap. x 2

Flutter kicks (IC) x 30 > 6 inches > 45 > Spread em > 45 > 6 inches > Flutter kicks (IC) x 20

Freedom Twist (IC) x 15

LBCs (IC) x 15

1 Min Boat Canoe


Solid work by the pax this morning.  Good to see Flipper and Updyke back out in the gloom.  YHQ is taking the reigns as AOQ.  Thanks to Splinter for leading the last year and stepping up on several mornings in which the Q sheet was empty.  Let’s fix that going forward and go ahead fill up the rest of March.