• When: 09/23/14
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Convoy, Cutoff, Invert, Futon, Brother Si, Lamont, Slate, Rock, Ginger

Nothing beats a #BurpeeTrain opener

9 faithful posted on this, the day that 365 days prior, YHC was asked by a friend to come out to some crazy early morning workout run group thing.  What a difference a year makes!  Jokingly I requested as 1-year gift to receive a #BurpeeTrain.  I don’t know who in F3Nation pulls the strings at CSX, but right at the stroke of 5:30 we got to kick things off right with a modestly long set of the nastiest exercise.

Conditions: 63 deg, 91% humid…GloomyThe Thang:

#BurpeeTrain cold-open (scarcely had time for a disclaimer)
Mosey to BB outfield
20 Windmills IC
20 Imp. Walkers IC
10 & 10 LAC (reverse after 10)
20 Flutter Kicks IC

Washington Professional Football Team Run around the path to FB field

(After some confusion by YHC that he should be the middle of the moving circle) Circle Up on 15 yard line
365 REPS OF FUN (because only 7 reps make 1 weak…#puns)
All exercises OYO, air-sit or plank until all finish
16 squats
16 lil’ baby crunches, 16 squats
16 merkins, 16 lil’ baby crunches, 16 squats
16 Russian twists, 16 merkins, 16 lil’ baby crunches, 16 squats
16 burpees (#crowdpleaser), 16 Russian twists, 16 merkins, 16 lil’ baby crunches, 16 squats
That makes 240 reps, so naturally we can’t stop there
Same routine, but 8 of everything, bringing the total to 360 reps.
Throw on 5 burpees as the cherry on top to make 365 repetitions, symbolic of 1 year of fun in F3.
Hat tip to Scooper/Ken Doll for the structure here

Line up on goal line
10’s & 20’s (sprint 20 yards, backpedal 10, end @ the opposite goal line)
Sprint 40 yards, 30 yards karaoke, 30 yards karaoke
Long skip (bounding) 100 yards

Mosey to brickpile
All Pax lead 1 brick exercise
10 Shoulder Press
20 Bent over rows
15 Heismans
20 Curls for the girls
15 Shoulder Press
15 Bent over rows
10 Merkins
20 Overhead Claps
21 Skull Crushers



  • Great time w/ the Pax.  Nice to not only be back in the #Gloom, but also see your breath during a workout.  More on this as the weather turns “colder”
  • Prayer requests for the brothers that are out/injured


  • The back-pack thingy.. you may still be able to sign up (GO-Ruck has 4 more spots available).  Contact your AOQ to find out more.
  • Palmetto 200 is coming. Preblast here.
  • Governors Cup Half Marathon  Preblast here.
  • Savannah Half and Full marathon.

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