• When: 2018-10-18
  • QIC: Soft Toss
  • The PAX: This won't take long...Turkey Burger, Moose (knuckle), Magoo, Laettner, Sir Topham Hat, Soft Toss, EZ-(Runner & Mary)

Mystery Deal


Perfect!  55 degrees and zero humidity.


Perfect with no FNG’s


Well, after looking around for the rest of the PAX in the woods, in the dumpster, behind the buildings (and finding no one), we circled up for the COP where Laettner kicked it off with his special of rendition of “Crapping In His Pants” in high key.  I’ve never heard a note carry for that long.  T-Claps for that special performance.

  • SSH x 10 IC
  • TTT x 10 IC
  • LAC x 13 IC reverse x 10
  • Hillbillies X 10 IC
  • IW x 10 IC
  • Lap around the parking lot
  • Grab a block and meet at the playground


Deck of Cards Workout

Distribute the deck of cards equally among the PAX

Joker – Bear Crawl around the playground

Face cards -10 reps

Number on cards – as displayed

Clubs – BBSU

Hearts – Thrusters

Spades – Curls

Diamonds – Merkins

Going down the line, in turn, the PAX would call out the card from his stack and the PAX performed the appropriate reps for the appropriately suited exercise.  That’s it.  96 REPS in total for each exercise in total.  What turned out to be fairly interesting is that the hearts were somehow back-end loaded and as all of the other suits were showing, we knew it would soon be time to pay the piper with some thruster work.  (side note: Spano is my inspiration for the thruster excercise; early in my F3 experience he Q’d and absolutely destroyed the PAX so I’ve always had a special place in my heart for that exercise).  When the joker was pulled the PAX knocked out a bear crawl around the playground.  That sucked more than I envisioned it would!  We had a few more minutes so Q decided to get all partnered up for 1 set of pullups to failure while the partner performed a wall sit and then swapped places.  Put the blocks up and went to the parking lot for Mary.

My personal apologies for the shared fog that seemed to knock out at least half of the PAX.  Turkey Burger orated that I ate rotten road kill, pooped it out, ate it again and then shared that with the rest of them.


Dealer’s choice.

YHC began with 20 Flutter kicks IC

Turkey Burger went next with Hello Dollys IC


Magoo – Boat/Canoes


Lake Murray is gathering boxes of Kraft Mac n Cheese for Harvest Hope.  Depot goal is 125 boxes.  To date we have 36 boxes committed(YHC and Phonebooth).  Depot Twitter Bot posted a link to an 18 pack on Amazon for about $14.  Please help if you feel led to do so.  This time of year, most of us have an abundance to be thankful for while others do not know where their next meal is coming from…now do you feel led (or more led)?  Today is supposed to be Thirsty Thursday but with so many PAX DR we will save Thirsty Thursday for next week for a #SpecialEditionHalloweenThirstyThursday stay tuned for location and time.

Prayer Requests: 

None at this time.


I am responsible for comms for #menofdepot via the Depot Bot.  It’s very well documented that I am very adept of #roomating between my personal and depot accounts but outside of that, let me know of something that should be announced or you want announced; please tag Depot, text me or DM me and I’ll make sure it gets seen.  It has also been well documented that I reached a new decade in age and now considered and even older fart among you young men.  The thing is, is age is just a number and although most of you are younger than me, I look up to and learn from many of you.  I appreciate everyone’s patience with me, the examples you set, the husbands and fathers you are, your devotion to F3, your devotion to God and the camaraderie that we share at Depot.  None of us are perfect people but we are better people because we stick together in the end and pick each other up.  I learned from fellow PAX that if you miss seeing someone, don’t just poke them in Twitter chat; give them a call or a direct text, meet them for lunch or a cup of coffee or even a beer.  Something keeps people from coming, they may or may not want to share why but just let them know that they are missed and are always welcome back to the gloom.  Thank you to everyone at Depot for accepting who I am.