• When: 2018-01-30
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: Box Wine, EZ, Hostel, Big Blue (Respect/Kotters), Bumblebee, Laettner, Lumbergh, Soft Toss, Moose, Chubbs, Turkey Burger, Milkbone (Welcome), Neck Brace, Arrears, Fool’s Gold (Q), JDee (0.5)

Mom’s Basement Debate


Low 30’s, clear skies with occasional glimpses of pre-super moon and periodic gale force winds.  Moisture levels were somewhere between Dagobah and the Dead Marshes of Middle Earth…. (if those references mean nothing to you, might as well stop reading here, it only gets nerdier from this point, otherwise grab some Funyuns and Mountain Dew and read on!).


Normal stuff to recuse YHC and F3 Nation of any liability (and future appearances on an Anastopoulo commercial), plus a special mention of the wet and wild field conditions today.


After a bit of mumblechatter about Soft Toss’ choice of knickers and Bumblebee’s interesting weekend (bag placed over his head, thrown into a van with sweaty men, driven to unknown location while other sweaty men threatened his life in Spanish….note to self, YHC should give Bumblebee his Netflix password to give him another weekend entertainment option) the PAX circled up for a bit of warm up which included the following:


15 IW IC


15 Windmills IC

15 Overhead Arm Claps IC


The PAX then each grabbed a cylinder block and headed to the marshlands.  The PAX were assembled in a roughly circular shape for a haphazard version of a Ring of Fire (T-claps to EZ for proper terminology here).

Round 1 – On your turn, do Block Merkins ranging from 1, 2, or 5 reps at the whim of the Q; plank while not your turn

Round 2 – On your turn, do Curls fer dem Gurls ranging from 5 to 10 reps at the whim of the Q; and while not your turn, hold block in the up position (or rest the block on that hard won beer belly that F3 is slowly stealing from you right under your nose with each rep, each post, as you get better….stronger…faster…until next thing you know you are riding around in a van with a poke on your head wishing you paid attention in Mrs. Walden’s 9th grade Spanish class).  Also, on a totally unrelated note, lo siento Mrs. Walden.

Round 3 – On your turn, do 10 reps of Overhead Presses and hold the block in the up position – 3 sets of this.

The PAX and their blocks were then assembled in a line while YHC opined on some of the important debates and controversies the Nation is faced with.  Republicans vs. Democrats, 1990’s Johnathan Taylor Thomas vs. that kid from Stranger Things with no teeth (help me Tiger Beat, how can I choose?????), bidets vs charmin…..the list goes on and on and creates conflict and division amongst the PAX of the Nation.

YHC sought in this Q to settle one of the debates that has long raged in mom’s basements, chat rooms, and other areas where the jocks and cheerleaders fear to tread.  This debate of course, is of the two best movie genres, which is in fact THE best movie genre….Science Fiction or Fantasy (by Fantasy, I mean witches and trolls not bitches and hoes).  In a bitter twist of irony, YHC knew to solve this debate, he would have to in fact divide the PAX and cause conflict between them.

The PAX were then divided up into two teams to duke it out on the Nate Ballentine Park fields, with one team representing Fantasy…”Team Hermione Grainger”

too young???

that’s better, moving on…..

and the other representing Sci-Fi “Team Princess Leia”.

There were a total of 6 stations  laid out with printed instructions at each station, one at each of the light poles on the south end of the field.  Team Hermione was assigned to the left side of the field (Stations 1B, 2B, 3B) while Team Leia to the right (Stations 1A, 2A, 3A).

The exercises at the stations were as follows:

    1. 10 block Merkins – IC
    2. 20 block curls – IC
    3. 10 block bench presses – IC
    1. 20 Squats – IC
    2. 10 Monkey Humpers – IC
    3. 10 Calf raises – IC
    1. 20 big boy sit ups – IC
    2. 25 crunches – IC
    3. 20 flutter kicks – IC
    1. 20 block Merkins – OYO
    2. 40 block curls – OYO
    3. 20 block bench presses – OYO
    1. 40 Squats – OYO
    2. 20 Monkey Humpers – OYO
    3. 20 Calf raises – OYO
    1. 40 big boy sit ups – OYO
    2. 50 crunches – OYO
    3. 40 flutter kicks – OYO

The PAX were instructed to go to Stations 1 and 2 and then assemble at the muster station located near the handball field.   YHC gave the “Go” and the the PAX grabbed their blocks and proceeded to their first station.

As with every Q in F3Nation, YHC carefully and diligently planned his Q and arrived early to make sure that it was set up properly for equality between the teams that were competing.  On this particular morn; however, YHC underestimated the power of the gale force winds or the clever raccoons that caused the Station 1A instructions to disappear into the nether.  So while YHCs team Hermione did their exercises at Station 1, and YHC ran around like a chicken with his head cut off looking for the sheet, Team Princess Leia skipped Station 1 and moseyed to Station 2 and then on to the muster area with fire in their eyes and victory in their hearts!

The PAX assembled at midfield of the handball field.  By winning round 1, Team Princess Leia got to choose whether to use a handball to make goals into the small goal or a Frisbee to make it into the larger goal.  Team Leia took the easy route…

and picked the handball as their implement of destruction and promptly scored 5 goals to Team Hermione’s 3.

Now time for round 2, this time the PAX went to Stations 2 and 3, performed the exercises listed above, and then returned to the muster area.  This round had similar results with Princess Leia again securing victory, selecting again the handball, and now scoring 6 goals to Team Hermione’s 3.  So the net of the difference between the two rounds was 5 goals, which meant that YHC and the rest of Team Hermione Grainger had to do 5 burpees on our own, while the Sci-Fi guys mocked witches and wizards everywhere with their superiority (filthy mudbloods).

Insert obligatory Leia in bikini gif…..

So, at least for the time being (that is today only), Sci-Fi is your best movie genre of all time!

Although that debate was decided, there was still some time on the clock.  The PAX gathered at the playground for the last activity of the morning….the Wonderwall.  The basic premise is to perform a wall sit for ~4.5 minutes while the Oasis song Wonderwall played.

If/when smoked from the wall sitting, do a pull up bar hang from the playground equipment.  If/when smoked from that plank till the end of the song.

Feel free to relive it here……

T-claps to Lumbergh for helping craft this one with his 1 minute wall sit in his last Q and that effing Sally Up/Sally Down routine he likes to do.  T-claps to Soft Toss for singing along with YHC and some other PAX on this one (Thirsty Thursday Karaoke anyone?).  YHC really didn’t think anyone would be able to wall sit for the entire 4.5 minutes, but he clearly underestimated the #MenofDepot (well 2 of them at least).  When the song ended Arrears and Turkey Burger were the last men standing……er….sitting as it were.  Major T-claps to these guys for going the distance and enduring 4.5 minutes of Liam Gallagher!

Also T claps to Arrears for bringing the handball and frisbee and helping clean up at the end.

Final T-claps to J-Dee for braving a migraine to drop the shovel flag off at Depot. #HIM


Not much to add to the above.  I’ll only offer this….while our numbers have been a bit down over the winter, it has been heartening to see that despite the 14 degree days, bitter wind, frozen testes, and cold/soggy as shite conditions we’ve had, the #MenofDepot keep coming back, grinding, and pushing each other to get better and better with each post.  Think of where you are now vs a year ago and where you will be a year from now.  This is a helluva thing we are all part of and I’m thankful for each and every one of my F3 brothers. #ISI  #learnSpanish


Kotters to Big Blue!

Welcome to Depot Milkbone (not an FNG, just new to Depot), follow him @MilkboneF3

Run Groups

  1. Monday – Swagger – 0530-0615 – Little Caesar’s on St Andrews
  2. Wednesday – Stagger – 0530-0615 – Ballentine Elementary
  3. Friday – Donut Run – 0515-0600 – Dunkin’ Donuts on Lake Murray Blvd

P200 is coming, if not on a team….there are folks looking, let me know and I’ll connect you.

Handball/Frisbee follow @F3TheOcho for the latest details.


TL:DR  – Obi-Wan>Gandalf