• When: 2019-08-20
  • QIC: A1A
  • The PAX: Smithers, Lorena, Skunky, Knot, Milkman, Slate, Hokey Pokey, Star-Kist, Neck Brace, Jazz Hands, Lemon, MIB, A1A

Long time, No Q.

After a sabbatical from F3 bootcamps, I started back up a couple weeks ago.  After seeing twitter messages about the need for Q, I thought is was a good time to get back in the saddle again.  While seeing sprinkles of rain on the way to the workout, I knew 100% humidity was upon us.  But despite that, it was a great turnout of 13 PAX.

I tried to stay with a “normal” workout so a COP was a perfect thing.

  • 5 merkins OYO
  • 15 SSH IC
  • 5 merkins OYO
  • 15 Though the Tunnel IC
  • 5 merkins OYO
  • 15 Overhead Arm Claps IC
  • 5 merkins OYO
  • 10 Little ARm circles forward, 10 backward IC
  • 5 merkins OYO

I thought I would mess up on the cadence a couple times, but I did better than expected.  Only one mess up pointed out by the Nantan on not calling “Starting Position”.  But it was for SSH so no big deal.

On to the block pile to grab a block and mosey around the parking to a place near the building.  Now for the work out.  I selected an old favorite. 11’s.  With a  twist of slight running/walking/jogging for a short distance between the exercises.  Blocks were on the sidewalk and the other exercise was across the driving lanes on the grass. Here were the groups.

  • Big Boy Sit-ups / Squats with blocks
  • Iron Cross / Over head press with blocks
  • I surrenders / Curls

With about 10 minutes left we returned the bricks and did some footwork. with some karaoke, backwards runs and sprints to end the workout.


Announcements –

  • Run group potentially at CATE tomorrow. Check twitter.
  • School Starts tomorrow
  • NeckBrace with Q on Thursday
  • Billy on Thursday at 5:00
  • Thirsty Thursday