• When: 2019-08-20
  • QIC: Carpool
  • The PAX: See-Saw, Anthrax, Road Rage, Flux, Tackleberry, Grylls, Sparky, Double D, Carpool.

How Do You Want It?

Humid 74ish with light rain.

Off into the dark gloom to grab bricks and head to school.

All With Bricks:

SSH x 15 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Stack and lateral jump bricks 20x OYO

Plank Flies x 15 IC

Carolina Crab x 15 IC


To the Intermediate School drop-off loop.  10 brick burpees, run the circulation  loop (insufficient queue capacity as determined by traffic engineer) with bricks and back for 8 burpees and then down by 2 to 2.  Arms were burning so YHC decided we could drop the bricks for the next session.

Off to the Elementary School for quadraphelia Figure 8 action.  15 merkins at each station for the first round.  15 LBC’s for the second round.  The backwards run up the hill is always a crowd pleaser.

Picked up the bricks and headed towards home.  Had enough time for 4 rounds of Every Minute on the Minute to Tupac’s How Do You Want It.

Each Minute:  7 Big Boys, 7 Jump Squats, 10 SSH, low plank for balance of minute.

Great work by all today.

Contact Anthrax if you are interested in the fantasy football pool.

Remember all starting back to school tomorrow.  Try to keep your kids off of the phone and talking to people face to face.  Take their phones away each night.

Enjoyed it fellas.