• When: 2017-10-20
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Olive Oil, Steel Toe, Watergate, Pinot, Pepto, Pebbles, Ken Doll, Sparty, Black Lung, Blades, Cheddar, Booster

Ken Doll came to Clash!

Conditions: Cold and Clear

Top 5 moments from today:

  1. Ken Doll made an appearance at Clash today. Yes you read that right. It was freezing cold and he wore shorts and a T-shirt….and was still hot. The guy is a specimen.
  2. Apparently there is a fall festival going on at RBHS on the football field today. There were 5 bounce house and blow-up stations and a climbing wall that we had to play around. Wonder what the maximum occupancy of a bounce house is for a bunch of HS offensive lineman?
  3. Pebbles had probably the play of the game…he took the opening kickoff, drove down the field, side-stepped a couple of defenders, did the cupid shuffle, then had the most beautiful high-arching shot from 25 yards to the left corner that I’ve ever seen.
  4. Definitely a mismatch when it came to skill level today. Team 1 had a bunch of guys who shot from 35 yards out and anytime there was somewhere on the other team near would just clear it as far as they could to buy another 30 seconds or so. Team 2 took the Hoosiers five passes before a shot approach and kicked the ball back and forth to each other like a pinball machine. Both strategies seemed fairly effective as I think the game ended up being decided on by a golden goal by Watergate.
  5. Did I mention Ken Doll came today?

Announcements- new mountain bike AO forming at Harbison State Forest in the near future

Prayer requests- Watergate’s father, Watergate’s grandfather, Riverland Hills