• When: 2019-08-06
  • QIC: Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Toothpick, Toe Tag (verified alive), Funnel Cake, Budd, Flipper(R), Splinter (new hobby is making sweat angels), Fire Daddy

Iron Pax Warm Up

7 pax posted at the Roost on this humid Tuesday morning.  Twitter has been on fire with talk of the 2019 Iron Pax Challenge.  YHC must of missed this last year but has already registered for this year.  With that in mind it seemed fitting to bring back one of the workouts from the 2018 challenge (with a few modifications).  Here’s how it went down:

Conditions:  73 with 97% humidity (Weather Bug verified since our resident meteorologist, Moneypenny, was out of town)

Tha Thang:

Warm up lap around the track

SSH (IC) x 15

TTT (IC) x 10

Windmills (IC) x 10

Time for the white board.  It was pretty dark this am (but perfect for a meteor shower) so most of the pax couldn’t see this but here’s what it looked like.

With the time left we circled up for Mary Ring of Fire

Plank Jacks x 10/Plank

Mtn Climbers x 10/Plank

J Los x 10/Low Plank

Freedom Twist x 10/Boat

Flutter Kicks x 10/Canoe (crowdpleaser)

Iron Crosses x 10/6 inches

Plank sequence until time called

Solid work by all this morning.  A lot sweat left out on the track this morning. “I’ve come out of Lake Murray dryer than this” (or something like that) -Funnel Cake


Iron Pax 2019 Challenge-  Find out more and sign up HERE.  We will plan to do the weekly posted workouts on Thursdays in September.  If you can’t make it you can do it on your own and still submit your time/score.

Thursday converge at Speedtrap

Saturday, August 10. Regional convergence at Strut.  See preblast HERE

Prayers and BOM