• When: 11/11/14
  • QIC: Tuff Guy
  • The PAX: Ginger, Ramblin' Wreck, Columbo, Kipper, Alter Boy

In Honor of Our Veterans

6 patriotic pax gathered in the gloom for a workout to honor the Veterans of our Great Nation. The Q started the workout in a very special way… By leading the men with The Pledge of Allegiance.

The Thang:

Mosey over to baseball field entrance and circle up.

Q explains this is the Armed Forces 300. (due to low number of pax, it was reduced from 500)
300 reps would be shared between the pax. (50 each) If you are not finished when you fellow pax are, pass on a few reps. Help your brother and no man left behind.

Army- 50 Merkins OYO, sprint 30 yards and back. Pick up any reps of pax that are still working.

Navy- since they cant do full situps in a ship bunk, its crunch time. 50 LBC’s OYO, sprint and help those still working.

Air Force- they sit around all day. 50 squats, sprint and share reps.

Mosey to bleachers.

Bleachers were our formal dock for the Coast Guard. Do 50 dips and then wall sit for 60 seconds.

Marines-they are the toughest so it would be fitting to include Burpees here. (squat thrust only, pushup is extra credit)
50 OYO and share reps if needed.

Army- 20 shoulder tap Merkins (10 each side) plank when done

Navy- 20 Charlie Angels lunge (10 each side)

Air Force- 20 heel touch crunches

Coast Guard-20 Carolina “dry” docks

Marines-20 Mountain Climbers in Cadence

Mosey for Mary

Hydraulics x 11 in cadence
Spiderman crunches x 11 in cadence
Pair up for Iron Crosses (subliminal message for the fallen) 11 OYO
6 Inches for 60 seconds as a moment of silence for those who have and are serving.

Moleskin: GoRuck is almost here.

Great job to Governors Cup runners and Savannah Rock and Rollers.

Prayer request: Gingers Mother, and Kippers father in law.

BOM: special prayer that was asked to be included in here,

Lord, thank you for this day and the ability to be here as part of F3. We remember our armed forces on this Veterans Day. As we know, there are two defending forces that have died for us. Your son Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for our soul and the other for our freedom. For this we are forever grateful.
Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands, protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for
the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need.
Let the high praises of your name be in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand.
We may not know them all, but we owe them all.
Please remember especially any of our F3 brothers who have or still are serving and their families.
We honor those who have served and stood for the Red, White, and Blue.
We are all still soldiers in your Army and fight our own battles everyday.
Please be with us and bless us as we go our separate ways today and continue to spread your word.


Written by Tuff Guy. Posted by AB.

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