• When: 11/14/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Half Empty, Itchy, Bull Dog, Hopper, Spackle, Ray Ban, House, Hedges, Forest, Nightmare, Pavarotti, Utah, Weekend Special, Clip Board, Myrtle, No Help

16 pax go out into the chilly, windy, gloom to conquer the Reaper

16 pax fought back to covers that were attacking them in the fart sack this morning and headed out into the gloom to take on the #Reaper.  The conditions were perfect, well except the chill in the air and the wind.  Everyone was looking for some killer cardio at the #Reaper as no one brought any weight today.  So off the pax went to take on the #Reaper yet again…

Weather: 47° and dropping, cloudy and windy

The Thang:

Stadium:  Start at near goal line, 21 Big Boy Sit-ups, run to 50 yard line, 21 Merkins, run to far goal line 21 Big Boy Sit-ups, run up back steps to the mezzanine, 21 Merkins, run up right stair tower, 21 Deep Squats, run down left stair tower to mezzanine, 21 Merkins, run to starting goal line, End of Round. Complete as many rounds as possible in 45 minutes. Point system, 20 points per round completed (half round counted when reaching mezzanine before doing Merkins before running up the tower).  1 point for every 2 pounds carried.

If you haven’t worked up the nerve to make your way over to Graveyard/Crypt to try your hand at The Reaper then you are missing out.  Come See For Yourself

The results for todays #Reaper are posted here

This weeks points leaders and #Undertaker and #ViceUndertaker titles belong to:

#Undertaker – No Help

#ViceUndertaker – Nightmare and Myrtle (TClaps to Myrtle for jumping the gate, we accidentally locked him in)

Most weight – N/A

Most laps – No Help 8.5



Lake Murray Christmas Party at the Country Club of Lexington 12/19


Nightmares sister has benign tumor, surgery after Clemson/Carolina game.  Bulldogs uncle clear bill of health after skin treatment.  Injured F3 brothers (Wiggles, FDIC, Lead Belly, Pajanimal)


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