• When: 10/27/14
  • QIC: Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Blue Screen, Pepto, Tuff Guy, Peter, Tooth Fairy (FNG), Yellow Cake

How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Give Your Kids for their Teeth?

I don’t know about you… but I always got a quarter…  It just took one parent to give a $1 and word spread….  Now parents.. I mean the tooth fairy.. are out $20 by the time the kids are grown.   What did they do to earn that $$$ anyways?  Another discussion for another post.

6 pax including 1 FNG (Welcome Tooth Fairy) posted to RBHS to conquer some hills.  And hills they conquered all in the name of getting faster!

Conditions: 46° and comfortable

The Thang: 

Disclaimer discussion

Warm up mile run around campus ending at the bottom of Cemetery Hill (where else, right?)

Run 75% up to first set of lights and mozy back.  Repeat to second set of lights and to top of hill.

Skip to the first set of lights and skip back

High knees to the first set and high knees back

Butt Kicks to the first set and mozy back

Karaoke facing the school to the first set and switch and continue to the second set.

Back pedal up to the second set of lights and mozy back.

Blue Screen suggested for the last exercise to run 75% to the tennis court hill and sprint up that hill twice and mozy back to the parking lot.



Dr. Pranav Desai is a Dentist-> Tooth Fairy.


Awesome effort turned in by all!  FNG Toothfairy did not give up and followed along the best he could and is very interested in the bootcamp workouts.  TCLAPS to the pax who EH’d him.  He didn’t say who… perhaps a patient?


  • F3 Lexington Christmas Party is Dec 19.  More info to come.
  • Lexington Half Marathon is December 6.  Let me know ASAP your interest.  We may still be able to get a discount code.  Tuff Guy is running it.



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