• When: 09/01/14
  • QIC: Yellow Cake
  • The PAX: Doublemint, Malfunction Junction, Blah Blah, Yellow Cake

Hill Work Done to Celebrate the Day Set aside to Celebrate Work!

Four pax arrived at River Bluff an hour later than normal after YHC pleas to sleep in a bit.  The extra hour of sleep was needed for this workout!

Conditions... oh heck it was warm and muggy!

The Thang:

Depart the Football field entrance on foot and tour the lower parking lot to warm up.  Stop at Cemetary Hill and sprint up hill to first group of lights, mozy down.  Sprint up to second set of lights and mozy down.  Sprint up to Stop sign and wait for the faithful.

Catch your breath.

Run through haunted trail twice.

Catch your breath

Conversational pace to the powerline trail.

Run down and up the saddle … I believe we did it 3 times.  May have been 4.

Mozy back to parking lot.


Since Ken doll brought us to the power lines some months back, YHC has always wanted to go back.  The sun was up this time and I didn’t know how steep the hill was the first time.  It was a crowdpleaser.  As doublemint put it, you WILL get faster by doing these hills… just watch your step and don’t turn your ankle on the rocks.  Great work by all in attendance!

Lunchateria at McDonalds in Lexington

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