• When: 2018-10-30
  • QIC: Flipper
  • The PAX: Fire Daddy, Toothpick, Moneypenny, Flipper

Haunted Trail or Corn Maze?

Conditions: mid-40’s Perfect!

Been awhile since YHC had Q’d.  For some reason, this guy thought a “little Haunted Trail Run” would be a fun Halloween Treat for the pax.  Turned out to be a “corn maze”!  No FNGs, mosey to the stop sign for a quick warm-up.


SSH x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

LAC x 10 +/- IC – to wait on double poster Moneypenny coming in hot from Twilight!

Plan was for a Haunted Loop around the surrounding woods.  Pax would pause at each turn for a painstation & plank on the 6.

1st PS – 5 x Big Boys

2nd PS – 5 x Big Boys, 10 x Merkins

3rd PS – 5 x Big Boys, 10 x Merkins, 15 x Monkey Humpers

4th Ps – 5 x Big Boys, 10 x Merkins, 15 x Monkey Humpers, 20 x Flutter Kicks

Then work it down dropping a move…

Great morning to be out looking for “Scary Things” – only a couple barking dogs on E. Boundary or was it werewolves? No skeletons in the hanging tree at Harvest View.  Nothing but pot holes on John Lindler.  Pax debated an audible COP in Splinter’s front yard, just in case his alarm didn’t go off.  Then 20 Burpee’s to wake the dead at the cemetery on Woodthrush.  With time to spare the pax took it across Columbia Ave, where the fun started! YHC missed Ellett Rd, so pax decided to go cross country, which weaved us in & out of a few holes & puddles, while paralleling our exit route.  Made it back to shovel flag with no time for Mary.

Good work was had by all covered over 3.5 miles!

Announcements & Prayers

Bring Mac & Cheese

Weather is perfect EH MIA Pax.  Time to get back at it!

Sleigh Bell Trot – Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving

F3 Lake Murray Christmas Party

Post your Back Blast!

Closing Prayer