• When: 2018-10-30
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: TnG, Pullout, Caboose, Happy Tree's, Swayze, Hollywood, Rollo, Wino, Belding, Rabbi, Khakis, Matlock, Nub

Strava art Bowtie Q

YHC was dreaming up this Q yesterday for Thursdays spot @ Smokehouse but a early morning text from Babe, the Destroyer, stating he was under the weather pushed it to the forefront this morning in the gloom.  Sure wish i wouldn’t have left my weinkie at the office.  Talk of not being scared of Babe last night on the board by Puck was all talk as he actually was scared and didn’t post, I’m sure if he knew a substitute Q from Nub would have been in store he’d have certainly been brave enough.  So for the rest who really weren’t scared, here is what went down.

Conditions: 45° and glorious

1 min warning, Disclaimer, Prayer

Mosey to blockpile and grab 1 block and 2 bricks drop them at the corner of the practice field then to the center of the field and circle up


SSH x 15 IC

Mountain climbers x 10 IC

Heel taps x 15 IC

LBAC F&R x 10 IC

Mosey while doing OHC’s back to corner ( I just wanted to see if there was coordination enough to mosey and exercise at the same time, I’ll give it a grade of C−

The Thang–Bowtie Q

Start at corner and complete 20 C4G‘s oyo, then pick up bricks and keep em with ya and run diagonally to center of field, complete 3 Burpees in the center then mosey to opposite corner and complete 20 MerkinsLunge halfway the short side of the field and then mosey to the corner.  10 each front raises, side raises, OHC’s and Flys then diagonally towards the far corner stopping back in the middle for 3 more Burpees.  Once at the far corner complete 20 squats then Bear Crawl the short side halfway and then mosey back to the starting corner. Rinse and repeat and repeat.  Now, same pattern but ab exercises.  20 BBSU’s at start, Burpees in middle, LBC’s far corner. Mosey the short side to corner, V-ups, Burpees in middle, Boat/Canoe’s at far corner, mosey back to start.  Rinse and repeat and repeat.  Blocks/bricks up mosey to ticket booth.  Jailbreak back to SF and time called.



11/3–Service work opportunity w/ #TheHerd

11/10 The Cheech. Register here: https://lexingtonhalf.com/pages/race-10k.php

12-7 A very Smokehouse Christmas @ Wino’s

TBD–Long Country Ruck


Hollywood’s sis in law, more surgery today

Alanna’s upcoming surgery

All affected by shooting in NC yesterday

Pray for wisdom to teach our children how to resolve conflicts w/out violence.  Snap decisions will make for long term consequences.


#Tclaps men for sticking with me as I had to finish the prep for this one on the fly and a little PSA to Smokehouse pax and visitors, the lights in the restroom still don’t work .