• When: 2017-10-06
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Anthrax, Rafter, Dirtbag, Motown, Slate, Splinter

Harvest Moon Thresholds

Conditions.  Cool.  Full Moon…clear picture of the sea of tranquility.  No need for a headlamp unless running on dark gravel roads like we did.

The thang:

YHC posted to know your threshold and your interval pace because YHC had not decided between interval pyramids or extended threshold runs.  after shaking the magic 8 ball this morning, YHC asked if we should do interval pyramids.  The magic 8 ball replied “outlook not good.”   SO extended threshold run it is.

Pax 2nd F warm up by Generations and left on Harvestview for 1 mile.  Slower pax turn left onto John Lindler then Left onto Woodthrush left on Cola Ave. finish with a few laps around track.

the more ambitious pax turned left on Olin Slice, Left on Crooked Creek, left on John Lindler (little nasty hill) right on Woodthrush (longer nasty hill) left on Cola Ave. finish at the flag.

All pax got in 4-6 miles.

Dirtbag – 4.75 miles.

Slate 5 miles

Splinter 5.1 miles

Motown 6 miles.

Anthrax and Rafter 4.4-4.5 miles


-Food for thought out of continuing convo between Slate and YHC.  do you run threshold to pace or heart rate.  threshold is supposed to be 80-85% max heart rate.  Well Slate’s threshold pace runs about his interval heart rate.  something to chew on for other PAX

-Motown dropped the hammer and averaged 7:05 for 6 miles including the 8:30 warm up

-the hills crushed the avg moving pace (obviously)…do they ever get easier

-Good luck to Dirtbag, anthrax, and rafter next weekend at the bourbon chaser.