• When: 2019-11-21
  • QIC: Sparky
  • The PAX: Holy Water (R), Hallmark, Grylls, Howler, Tackleberry (R), Airbag, Carpool, Rudy, Sparky

Hairburner Hill Revisited

Conditions – A damp 39 degrees

Disclaimer / Warmup – Waiting for Holy Water to tie his shoes we warmed up in close proximity to the shovelflag.  Warmup went something like this…

26x SSH

14ish through the tunnel

16ish merkins, IC

21 or so LBC

More than 10 but less than 20 imperial walkers

And a mosey to the block pile…the upper block pile.

The Thang

After careful selection of blocks we sauntered down to the grinder where the Pax joyfully received further instruction.

Split into 3 groups of 3.  One group member (Pax 1) moseys to the top of Hairburner Hill, the other two (Pax 2 and Pax 3) remain at the grinder.

Pax 2 begins the arduous journey of Hairburning (pushing a 45 lb olympic plate) from the grinder to the top of the hill.  Meanwhile Pax 1 does burpees and Pax 3 does block thrusters waiting the arrival of the plate.

Upon arrival Pax 1 Hairburns back down the hill, Pax 2 burpees, Pax 3 continues on with block thrusters.

And when Pax 1 arrives at the bottom of the hill, Pax 3 Hairburns back up, Pax 1 thrusters, etc.

Repeat until each Pax has made a run up, and then down.

It was not enjoyable, so after one run up and down for each Pax we switched to dealer choice block exercises for a spell.

Recovered the blocks,

Mosey’d to shovelflag

One minute of OH arm claps

Total 0.89 miles.



– Light Bills daughter comes home today.

– Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving morning 6:30 Melvin Park

– Prayers for Aleigh, Gracen, Sophia.



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