• When: 2019-11-22
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Canseco, Sunday Driver, Boo, Wapner, Quisenberry, Tater, Swanson, Arrears, Globogym, Buttermaker, Little Giants, CHHeddar, Booster

Tons of motivation at Turning Point

13 PAX posted at Turning Point for YHC to tryout a new exercise he came back with from F3 Chicago. I think they liked it. We will do it again. Maybe it will become a Turning Point staple.

Weather- high 30s and so clear


Disclaimer- prayer

Mosey about 50 feet up the parking lot and explain to the PAX the first exercise- The Motivator. The PAX caught on quick. Here is the breakdown: start with the high number and work down to 1. So we started with 10- 10 SSH straight into 10 SSH with arms parallel to ground into 10 SSH just using your legs into 10 in place bunny hops. Then down to 9 for all for, the 8, etc. etc. etc., all the way to one. Takes some serious concentration to stay on track. Wapner even pulled out some boy band dance moves.

Next, PAX mosed to a few other spots from some warm up then ended up at the bus loop. PAX broke up into groups of 4 for some team relay exercises. First guy did either a lap around the loop, or a suicide with burpees mixed in, the rest of the guys did a designated exercise until the runner got back and then everyone rotated exercises until everyone in the group has done all 4 exercises. Then switch up the exercises and rinse and repeat.

Set 1 exercises: run, wall sits, merkins, stationary lunges

Set 2: run, squat jumps, carolina dry docks, monkey humpers

Set 3: run, calf raises, bear crawl, imperial walkers

Set 4: run, BBSU, hand release merkins, bonnie blairs

Mosey back to shovel flag area. Another set of motivators this time starting at 8. Heel touches, knee cups, and boat/canoes and then done for the day.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama

Announcements- Families helping families TP family still going on. Will continue until first week of Dec. Dec. 3rd with be 2nd F monthly dinner- location TBD. Christmas party 12/14.

Prayer requests- Corbett Anderson, Sharknado’s mother, Kyrie foot, there was one more that I forgot (my apologies)

Devo- paraphrased from Thessalonians- Paul is telling us as Christian we are to support leaders in the church if the are spirit filled, spirit lead, and biblical. If we are constantly questioning decisions at any church we attend, constantly creating strife at church, we need to evaluate are own relationship with Christ. Also, encourage a preacher when you can- they get thrown a lot of stuff there way and in a lot of situations it is at the end of a really messy, or tough, or difficult situation. People go to preachers as a last resort so much. Preachers are people too- encourage them when you can.