• When: 2019-11-19
  • QIC: Plan B
  • The PAX: Lunch Lady, Perdue, Tory, Metermaid, Gerrymander, TCM Queenie, Depends, Brother Si, Socrates (thanks for visiting), and YHC.

Gerrymander… Spanish for “Sombitch”

This morning was a big one at Foxhole.  Big for several reasons really. Big because we hit double-digits for the first time in quite a while!  Big because there was a lot to cram into a short, 45 min. boot camp.  And big because this is (in the neighborhood of) YHC’s 6 year anniversary as an F3-er.

“Big” #1 – Today we hit double digits for the first time in A WHILE!

Ten studly man-beasts did the hard thing this morning and came out to honor their favorite emergency contraceptive!  (10 if you count Brother Si as a studly man-beast… otherwise it would be 9 studly man-beasts and 1 bearded pre-teen girly type thing.  But we’ll count him with the big boys this time so he doesn’t go all “teen angst” on us and start cutting himself, or turn to bulimia, or some other absurd attention grab in a ridiculous fit of rebellion.)

“Big” #2 – Ha!  Not that kind of big number 2, this is about having a lot of good stuff to try to squeeze into a fairly short time.

As per Plan B(adass) standard operating procedure, there has to be a main theme for a workout.  But what does one do when they have previously planned a series of location specific Qs, one of which falls on his 6 year anniversary (which would typically be it’s own “theme of the day”)?  That’s an easy one… Do ‘em all! (I know, I know.  That’s what she said one time in college when she was really, really drunk and to this day has to use multiple creams to control the fire down below (B. Segar, c. 1976)).

Anyhow, the 9 pax and their Rip Wheeler-esque leader embarked on a confusing, convoluted, almost totally unrelated boot camp that probably reads more like a FNG Name Chain than a backblast, while ol’ Rip here just pretends it all somehow ties together. I’ll let you be the judge.

Finally “Big” #3 – Six years of anything is a long time, let alone 6 years of early morning workouts.  Everyone there this morning is a friend and I appreciate you for being there with me.  But there are plenty of other guys in the LM region that continue to be big drivers for me.  Everything in life goes in cycles.  F3 for me started as a challenge, then after a while it turned into sort of a pain, then it got fun again, then it felt routine, then it cycled back around to fun, now I wouldn’t miss it for the world, etc… You get the point.  We all go through ups and downs with, but there is a lot to be said for being consistent and keep on keeping on.  Just being out there, even on mornings when you don’t want to, can be a big deal.  Being a fixture is good for us.  It’s commitment. Accountability. Leadership. And all the other things F3 is about.  But it’s also an example for others to follow. Being a constant presence is a big deal.  Others are watching you and probably come at least in part, because they like “the regulars”.  So here’s to you if you’re reading this, that means you are more than likely one of the lifers.  A regular.  And whether you realize it or not, you’re setting the tone for others.  Helping them feel like one of the family, right at home and in the early-ass hours of the morning.

So good for you!  Keep it up!  And even though you may not be as smart, or pretty, or look as good in a speedo as The B… I’m still proud to be one of the regulars out there with you a few times a week!

6 years down, here’s to another 66 before I give in to the fartsack!

PS… Nothing beats some good mumble chatter.  And it was at an all-time high today.  Some things I learned:

  • Gerrymander is in fact Spanish for “sombitch”.
  • We are not at all in danger of losing Socrates to the NBA draft.
  • You hear a lot more “that’s what she said” when a certain “man of the cloth” is in attendance.

here’s how it all went down:


46, slight chill, and foggy



– Two ‘Til Devo

What is Your Story?

“But in your hearts, revere Christ as Lord.  Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you the reason for the hope that you have.”            -1 Peter 3:15

  • Jesus came into this world to show us how to lead, but more importantly, how to lead others to God.
  • Jesus left us with one simple instruction… “tell everyone about me and do it the way I taught you.”
  • As you build your story of faith, keep it simple. Keep it real.  And don’t be afraid to share your story of God’s grace.

How to share in your own way:

  • Make sure your words honor God
  • Make sure your lifestyle and your actions honor God
  • Show integrity and honor so others will see your light and strength.
  • And most importantly, if someone asks, don’t be afraid to talk about your faith and your relationship with God.

– Disclaimer and Warmup:

  • SSH x 20
  • TTT x 10
  • Imperial Walker x 10
  • Hillbilly x 10
  • Windmill x 4
  • LAC x 20 (both ways)
  • OAC x 20
  • Merkins x 10 (OYO)
  • Grab a block, follow me

– White Men Can’t Jump:

The Art of the Layup: (get a partner)

  • Partner 1 – AMRAP exercises
  • Partner 2 – With a ball, run ½ bus loop and hit a layup.
    • (miss = go again while your partner suffers)
    • Switch after every make.  New exercise only after both partners hit layup.
      • Round 1 – Merkins (min. 25)
      • Round 2 – Curls (min. 25)
      • Round 3 – Overhead Press (min. 25)
      • Round 4 – High Pulls (min. 25)
      • Round 5 – Hand Release Merkins (min. 10)

The Mid-Range Game:

  • Parnter 1 – AMRAP exercise
  • Partner 2 – bear crawl from foul line(ish) to curb covered walkway and run back and hit a pull up 15-footer.
    • On a miss, you have 10 merkins
      • Round 1 – Curls (min. 25)
      • Round 2 – Overhead Press (min. 25)
      • Round 3 – 10 Block burpees (p/u block each rep)

Downtown Call Outs:

  • Each pax gets 1 shot from long range
  • Make = give someone 50 overhead press
  • Miss = you do 25 merkins

– Hey, Wait for Me!:

  • Partner 1 run 40 yards, stop, and plank
  • Partner 2 does curls until man 1 stops, then walks with block overhead to catch partner.
  • Swap roles and continue until blocks are back at block pile.

To The Shovel Flag:



  • F3LM hiking outing this week.
  • Lunch Wed. – Noon at Steves Burgers on St. Andrews (near Sandys).
  • Fiji 68th Bday Q next Tuesday at Strut… all encouraged to go if you can.
  • F3LM Christmas party Jan 11.
  • Check the twitters for other updates.

Thanks for having me!
Plan B