• When: 2019-11-19
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Buzzsaw (R), Knozit (R), Smalls, Ken Doll, Nick, FivePlay, Dunphy(R), Coon Dog, Cowbell, Ponzi

I got better today

YHC didn’t want to be here today. Not sure YHC wanted to be anywhere. But YHC knew where to be, why to be there, and only through the very Grace of God could YHC signed up to Q six months ago and it fall on a day where posting was probably the best thing that could be done. But more on that shortly…

Weather – 44 degrees and foggy

The Thang:
Mosey out around the fields. Circle up on the top field.
15x SSH 4ct IC
10x TTT 4ct IC
10x LBACs forward/backward 4ct IC
Mosey around the fields to the bottom corner light pole.
10 poles – start with 10 reps and decrease on per pole, run back around to the start and plank for the six
Round 1: Hand-release merkins
Bonus round – 1 burpee at the 10 light poles
Round 2: Mountain Climbers
Bonus round – 2 burpees at the 10 light poles
Round 3: Flutter kicks
Bonus round – 5 burpees at start and the next 2 corners
Mosey back to the shed and find a spot on the wall and People’s chair for one minute.
The Pax said it was not a Ponzi workout without box jump burpees, so YHC obliged with 2 minutes max rep double-box jump burpees on the picnic tables.

12/14 Christmas party

Raft and M
The Payne family
Devo: Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

I am dropping the YHC thing for this. My family and I spent Monday at MUSC with my 7 year old daughter Quin. She has been having issues with her eyesight for over a year now and we just have not been able to get an answer as to why. Well, my little girl has a genetic issue with her eyes and it cannot be repaired. This is something that the doctors believe may has run its course and will still allow her to live a full life and maintain freedom of movement, but man it still hurts. As a dad, you go through a lot when your kids are going through stuff. It is something hard to describe, as she really will never know the difference of what normal eyesight would have been. I guess I hurt for her because I know it will plague her for rest of her life. But there is a blessing in all of this too, as it could have been far worse and we are grateful it was not. Unfortunately, we have all seen that play out too. We do ask for prayers for her that it is the end of her loss of vision and things just stabilize from here out.

Now for the moleskin part. I signed up on the Q sheet probably 6 months ago for this Tuesday. We got in to see a specialist when there was a very long waiting list. I don’t think it was coincidence. I was tired when we got home yesterday, and could not really even think about posting, but that I knew that is exactly where I needed to be. If I wasn’t the Q, probably would not have posted. It was not an inspired Q, but as we went along I kinda regained my strength. All I can worry about is today. So I shed a few tears I didn’t know I was going to shed this morning, but I have seen first hand why we need to lean on each other, and this morning it was my turn to lean and I was grateful my F3 brothers were there to lean on. This morning I got better.