• When: 2019-11-15
  • QIC: Macgruber
  • The PAX: Argyle, Wingback, Scotch, Forest, Rock Drop (R), MacGruber


Today the men of Urban Legend got their money’s worth from the workout. Mainly because it was cold and rainy. If you feel cheated – please see Argyle for a refund.  This was my first Q at Urban Legend and I was proud to be able to Q on the one-year anniversary.

Conditions: The weather was weathery with cold temperatures and light sprinkles of moisture near the end.

Stride Lite – Wingback and I were going to meet at 4:30 for SL but decided against it late last night looking at the weather channel. How those guys keep their jobs is beyond me. Shocker, it didn’t rain more than 12 drops.

1 minute warning

Disclaimer – Listen to your body and modify if need be, except Argyle – he is not allowed to do that.



IC  – Ready Ready – TTT, Windmill

25 SSH IC followed by 2  6-burpees

20 SSH IC followed by 4 6-burpees

15 SSH IC followed by 6 6-burpees

10 SSH IC followed by 8 6-burpees

5 SSH IC followed by 10 6-burpees

I’m not sure why but I really like SSH’s….I do. One of these days on my Q we are going to do 100 consecutively. I probably will never be asked to Q again when that happens, but it will be fun.

With elevated heart rates we moseyed to stop sign and ran high knees, butt kickers and karaoke to yield sign and back.

Head to my truck and grab a telephone pole then on to the parking garage. 4 corners were completed which started like this

1st round – DO NOT LET POLE TOUCH GROUND – 20 pressed on 6 followed by 15 LBS’s – carry log overhead to next corner – rinse and repeat all 4 corners

2nd round – DO NOT LET POLE TOUCH GROUND – 20 curls followed by 15 BBSU. The logs made them suck really bad. Argyle said the concrete rubbed his tramp stamp off. Someone get him some lotion.

Take blocks to front of church, partner up. Place both poles parallel to each other about 18 inches apart. 15 merkins and run down and up hill by admin office. 13 merkins and run, 11 merkins and run, 9 merkins and run……by this time we have 7 minutes left but the rain started a liitle too hard for me to sit in the cold and rain. We called it a morning.

Recover to the flag or actually the awning.


*I feel like there was something, but I sure can’t remember

Prayers: Juice/Squatter and family, Argyle mentioned fellow pax having knee surgery