• When: 2020-01-10
  • QIC: Dance Off
  • The PAX: Pennystock, Sweetart, Pepto, Steel Toe, Olive Oil, Double Fault, Cheddar, Leroy, Rodney, Dance Off, Pinot, Watergate, Chop Block, Black Lung, Sparty

Fútbol Under a Full Moon

With beautiful weather for fútbol, a brisk but comfortable 51 degrees, and the soccer goals back out 15 PAX posted at River Bluff HS for an 8 v 7 game of full field action.

This match was a real classic.  Not those classic 1-0 or 2-1 matches you see in the Premier League.  No, this was that classic 10-9 fútbol match that can only be witnessed at the pellet palace.  2s took to the win with a dramatic comeback performance.

Here were the top 5 moments of the match:

  1.  Pepto driving by and scoring on Chop Block, not once but TWICE!
  2.  Late in the game Watergate steps on the ball and seems to injure his tender ankle.  But after walking it off for a few minutes and the opposition forgetting about him he gets a long ball and beats everyone to it for a breakaway game-tying goal.  Was he ever really injured?  We’ll never know…
  3.  There was an apparent handball that led to a goal.  However, Double Fault explained that no one can see and we’re not calling handballs and proceeded to count it as a good goal.  Confusion was abound.
  4.  Several field goals were made by the 2s.  There was some discussion and lobbying on how to count these in the scoring with no definite agreement.
  5.  After seeing his team allow yet another disappointing goal Team 2s Captain Pinot asks YHC (Dance Off) “What are you going to do about this?”  YHC responded with “I got this” & 5 goals.

count a Rama, name a Rama

Prayer request – Pennystock’s Childhood Pastor and Family (late stage stomach cancer)

Praise – Black Lung’s sister just had a baby

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