• When: 2018-10-25
  • QIC: Bud
  • The PAX: Toothpick, Firedaddy, Moneypenny, Bud

Funniest thing I saw all day

The population at Roost has been dwindling.  It could be due to the “cold” weather.  It could be due to football season.  But a core of 4 showed up, and realized we were Q-less.  This isn’t a problem for creative minds.  This group starts out without missing a beat.

One lap around the track
25 SSH
20 TTT
15 IW
20 LAC

The Thang
Started off with 4 pax, 4 blocks, and one jump rope. Circle up and 3 pax take turns with exercise while 1 pax completes 100 jump rope skips. [YHC needs to stop here and expound on the fact that Toothpick is really bad at jumping rope. Maybe even worse than Shuck.  Watching this guy was the best part of our day. Picture a monkey trying to stomp a bowling ball thru a coffee cup. Add a poorly-timed whirling rope and you have the image.] Pax to the left of the jump rope calls the exercise and then the rope is passed. Two rounds of this was all the shoulders could take.

Chest press with block
Goblet squat with block
Lawn mowers
Big boys situps (feet in block)
Overhead press
Block curls
Block swings

Put blocks back and mosey out on the track. Firedaddy calls a merkin mile. Simply 25 merkins and run a lap. Repeat until 4 laps are complete.

Moneypenny calls eighth-mile abdominal sprints. Position pax on opposite sides of track (1/8 mile apart). Start them on an ab exercise until runner tags them. Then change to a new exercise each lap. Try to push the speed, it’s only an eith of a mile, right? Added another 1/2 mile here before we ran out of time.

Flutter kick
American hammer

Total miles today 2.1

Announcements and Prayer
Sleigh Bell Trot is on Tuesday, November 20th. 4 mile race at 7pm through the Christmas lights. Go to ICRC website to register.
Collecting Kraft Mac & Cheese for Oliver Gospel Mission Thanksgiving meal. Toothpick is coordinating for Roost. Took in about 20 boxes this morning, but we can do better that that.  Bring some next week.

If you are reading this, and you fartsacked today, let’s not let that happen again. Okay?  Thanks for reading.  And show up to Havoc on Saturday.  We miss you too.