• When: 11/6/14
  • QIC: Grave Digger
  • The PAX: Field Goal, Buzzsaw, JJ, Hot Spot, GED, Muggy Tape, Meatball, Scooper, Bullpen, Sawdust, Scotch, Knozit, Half Empty, Lego, Yeehaw, Elmer’s, Slumlord, Grave Digger.

From that day on, if I was going somewhere… I was RUNNING

YHC was looking forward to the mild weather this morning, and it turns out good ole’ Mother Nature did not disappoint. 18 pax arrived in good spirits and ready to work, so YHC planted the VSF and off we went… into the gloom.

Conditions: A balmy 61 degrees and partly cloudy

Disclaimer and Prayer


The Thang:

Follow me!

* Mosey to center of soccer field near the brick pile and circle up.



Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC

Through The Tunnel x 20 IC

LBAC (forwards) x 10 IC

LBAC (backwards) x 10 IC

Low Squats x 20 IC

Little Baby Crunches x 20 IC

**Each pax grab (2) bricks from brick pile **


Follow me!

* Mosey to “The Hill”

Line up on the line for “Jacob’s Ladder”. ***All moves to be performed WITH bricks***

Bear crawl up the hill >>>>>>>> 7 Merkins

Run down the hill <<<<<<<<<<<<< 1 Big Boy Sit-up

Bear crawl up the hill >>>>>>>> 6 Merkins

Run down the hill <<<<<<<<<<<<< 2 Big Boy Sit-ups

Rinse and repeat until 1 Merkin and 7 Big Boy Sit-ups

Plankorama until all pax have completed the ladder.


Follow me!

* Form 1 line and Indian Run (or some variation of…) to the BIG soccer field and line up at first light pole. Count off by 2’s.

***(Round 1)***

1’s – Low Squats

2’s – Lunge to 2nd light pole and Karaoke back to start line.


***(Round 2)***

1’s – Big Boy Situps

2’s – Run backwards to 3rd light pole and sprint back to start line.


***(Round 3)***

1’s – Heel Touches

2’s – Sprint to 4th light pole and sprint back.


***(Round 4)***

1’s – Release Merkins

2’s – Sprint to 5th light pole and sprint back



Follow me!

*Mosey back to brick pile and deposit bricks.


COP (v2.0)

Circle up.

Flutter Kicks x 40 IC

Heel Touches x 40 IC

Imperial Walker’s x 40 IC


Follow me!

*Mosey back to the shelter and grab a spot on the wall.


People’s Chair – 90 seconds

Balls to the Wall – 45 seconds

Shawshank Q Diagram 11-6-14





As expected from a Grave Digger Q, the pax traveled around the AO a bit. YHC added a little more fun to the beatdown by adding bricks. The men of Shawshank responded as expected. 100% effort and each and every man exited the gloom a little bit better than he was when he arrived. TClaps to all!



GRC Training at RBHS – M, T, Th, F, S

CORE Workout – 5:15 on T/Th and 6:15 on Sat at RBHS main entrance with F3 Crypt, then break off for CORE workout.

Salsarita’s in Lexington – Friday’s at 11:45.  Proceeds go to help the (Walker) Phillips family.

GoRuck Simulation – This Friday November 7th at the Statehouse in Columbia. Be there at 8:15pm for pregame BOM. Should go until 12:30am.

Convergence – 7:00 Saturday at Graveyard

2014 Governor’s Cup – This Saturday November 8th

Lexington TTHH – Every Thursday at Uno’s in Lexington at 5:45

GoRuck Challenge – 11/21

Christmas Party – December 19th at Lexington Country Club.


Prayer Requests

Walker and the Phillips family

Any and all pax recovering from injuries or setbacks.

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