• When: 2019-10-15
  • QIC: Tuber
  • The PAX: Dirtbag, Toothpick, Bud, Fire Daddy, Toe Tag, Moneypenny, Carpool, Seesaw, Tuber

Four Years (and Change) In

YHC has hit the four year mark in this F3 adventure, so it was time to do the traditional anniversary Q. Actually, it was time to do it back in September, but who’s counting?  Speaking of counting, we counted a nice crowd of 9 PAX at CHS this morning, where YHC hadn’t led in about a year.  Today broke the streak, and the details are here…


the Conditions: 54 degrees and mercifully cool


the Thang:


Run to Stadium Lot



20 IW IC


10 WM IC


Mosey to Bottom of  Suicide Hill

Burpee Ladder 1-12 at speed bumps and top of hill, finish with 12 on bottom, flutter kicks on 6


Walking lunge uphill toward stadium, run down, walking lunge up again


Run to circle, 4 corners

50 squats, run, 50 Merkins, run, 50 Iron Crosses, run, 50 high Knees single count, run

Rinse and Repeat with 30/30/30/30

Rinse and Repeat with 10/10/10/10

Run to ampitheatre

Box jump steps

25 pull ups

Run to flag for no Mary

Throughout the proceedings there were various threats of specific exercises not geared toward the more diminutive PAX at next workout, I’m sure the guys were just kidding.  Very strong mumble chatter and athletic domination by Moneypenny, pretty standard day at the Roost.

Count, Names, Announcements, Prayers

Looking for ideas for Chapin specific community service projects

convergence of Roost and Speedtrap Thursday, Fire Daddy on Q

Prayers for Stirrups and Rudy on Jamaica mission trip



Great to be back.  SYITG