• When: 12/02/14
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: JD, Gerrymander, Swampy, EZ, First Base, Bumble Bee, Roommate, R2D2, A1A, Neckbrace, Trix, Key Master, Phonebooth, Uncle Rico

For my birthday, I want games. Lots of games.

14 PAX showed up for a birthday Q by YHC.  Growing up, it was fun to get games for birthday presents.  And don’t forget all the cool ’80s toys.  GI Joe.  He-Man.  Ah the memories.  Even though it is my birthday…I’m not selfish…so I’m ready to share some games.

Let’s play!

Conditions: 48, dark, and a wet cold ground.  Perfect.


One of my most favorite games growing up was Simon-Says.  Real simple.  Just follow instructions.  So for my Simon-Says and to practice proper F3 workout form, if anyone recovers before I say, “recover”, or if any starts moving before I say, “exercise”, there is an automatic 20 Merkin penalty.  Hopefully, this will play heavily into my favor as I can add these to my #10kMerkinChallenge.

Little Arm Circles X 10 forward + 10 reverse.  Boom – already 1 taker for recovering before I say so.
20 Merkins OYO
Windmill X 15 IC.  Boom – another willing participant to recover before I say so.
20 Merkins OYO
Imperial Walkers X 15 IC
Through The Tunnel X 15 IC
And another 20 Merkins for recovering before the Q instructed

The Thang:
Mosey to the upper soccer field
Double Apple Sauce around the soccer field
Line up along the sideline
One of my favorite things to do was watch cartoons on my birthday.  I didn’t have a remote, so we had to change the channel manually.
Channel Changers X 30sec X both sides.  Rinse and Repeat (Assume the Merkin position, at the Q’s call, extend one arm outward and twist your hand back and forth as if changing a channel)
Superman’s X 15 IC
Aquaman X 15 IC
Superman’s X 20 IC (only this time, start in the up position)
Army Crawl across the width of the field
20 Merkins for the guy who recovered before I instructed.
Single File Indian Run around the field
Bear Crawl across the width of the field
20 Merkins for the guy who recovered before I instructed
Single File Indian Run around the field…stay in line and mosey to the brick pile
20 Merkins for the guy who stepped out of single file line after I said stay in line
One of my favorite cartoons was He-Man.  Loved seeing that dude put his sword up in the air.  No swords are allowed at F3, so we improvise.  A block can be just as deadly, so that’ll have to do.
He-Man’s (yes, I know this is not proper English) X 10 each arm OYO (grab the block with one arm and raise above your head, lower to the ground, grab with the other hand and raise)  Recover position is the block held with your elbows at 90 degrees … but first, 20 Merkins for the guy that started without the Q instructing.
Another 20 Merkins for the guy who recovered with the block at his waist
And another 20 Merkins for the guy who recovered after that penalty before I instructed
Grab some bricks
Russian-Move-Those-Bricks-Twists X 20 OYO (place both bricks to your left. With each twist, place a brick to your right. Then twist and move the bricks back to your left.  That’s 1.  Starting from the left, you should twist 6 times moving the bricks the bricks from the left to the right and back to the left)
Another round of He-Man’s X 10 each arm OYO
Grab your bricks and make one lap around the 1/4 mile track and return the blocks and bricks
And 20 more Merkins for returning to the shovel flag before the Q instructed.

I got 200 Merkins from Simon-Says. #crowdpleaser  Thanks, that took about 2/3 of my daily Merkin requirement for the #10kMerkinChallenge.  Let’s do it again sometime.

COT / BOM / Prayers

– TTHH NEXT week…not this week.  Location has been changed to The Social Grill.
– Christmas Party is coming up
– Pray for Rosanne who has breast cancer and going through treatment
– Pray for nanna who is having neck surgery

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