• When: 2019-10-07
  • QIC: All F3 Lake Murray PAX
  • The PAX: All F3 Lake Murray PAX

F3 Lake Murray – First F Improvement Ideas – 10-7-19

Hi All,

See note below compiled by Neck Brace that includes feedback from you and dozens of other F3 Lake Murray pax.  Please take time to review these and provide any feedback or thoughts you may have.

First F Improvement Ideas:

  1. FNGs: Make sure during 1st workout one other Pax is with the FNG at all times.  Q should delegate this responsibility once he realizes an FNG is present.  Ideally it will be the Pax that EHed the FNG.  Make sure to get ALL contact information (name, phone #, email, twitter) at end of first workout.
  2. Pax – One Pax will be assigned by Q to cover the 6 at each workout.  Not normally an issue with us but good to have it place.  Continue to EH and place this emphasis on FNGs once they make their 2nd post.
  3. Q – Review Q duties which have been lacking.  Mainly posting Backblasts and communicating the count via twitter to Neck Brace.  Q should text out the day before that he has the Q and for the Pax to HC to get a feel for the numbers.
  4. Add pull-up bars and other apparatus to all AOs.
  5. At least quarterly Regional Convergences.
  6. Create defined expectations for AOQs (operate Twitter acct, encourage Q sign-ups and preparation, track attendance, reach out to missing Pax, follow-up with FNGs, keep track of the SF).
  7. Encourage more guest Qs.  We have quest Pax that show up from time to time.  Encourage them to sign up to Q the next time they plan to attend.
  8. Q should balance the workout by who is there. If no FNG’s ramp it up, if weak or FNG ramp it down. Do not discourage anyone.
  9. Consistency in counting and name of exercise.
  10. Encourage Mumble Chatter
  11. Quarterly Convergences
  12. Rotate Q’s to other AOs (probably best for summertime)
  13. Rotate PAX to other AOs (probably best for summertime)
  14. Quarterly region challenge – 1st F group comes up with a challenge like the IPC and picks one week each quarter for AOs to implement.  Track scoring and recognize AO winners and overall winners (including Respect division) maybe at Christmas party.
  15. Post BB within 24 hours of workout.
  16. In the spirit of leaving no Pax behind Depot has already implemented the “Goose”, which means the Q designating a Pax to stay with the 6 each workout.  We don’t think we had a big problem with not picking up the six before, but now we’ve formalized this and it’s working well.
  17. We agreed that making the workouts easier to make them more accessible was not in line with our fitness mission.  We do, however, want Pax that are currently in the back of the pack or that are on the IR (but could work out with modification) to feel comfortable to post.  One thought here was to expand the discussion around “do what your body can do” and that modification is ok during the disclaimer at the beginning of the Q.  This and reaching out and encouraging those Pax who are struggling individually will hopefully bring them into the gloom.
  18. Consider having two AOQs, which I know Depot does.  There are lots of benefits to this, but primarily you are sharing the load of AOQ responsibilities and you can get more done.   You also have a sounding board in your shoes to bounce ideas off of.
  19. Implement a quarterly PT test.  We’ve done this more ad hoc before, but having it on the calendar will allow Pax to see how they are progressing.  We could do this with other AOs as a mini convergence or as part of a larger convergence.
  20. Consider implementing a monthly? workout that is similar to the Iron Pax just for Lake Murray.  It would work like this….each month an AO is assigned to create the workout for a specific day.  On that day, all of the Pax in F3 Lake Murray would do that same workout.  It would be up to the Q if there was any kind of scoring, time, etc., but we didn’t think that was necessary.  Benefit here is that like Iron Pax, we’d all be “suffering” through the same workout and it would be like a Q from a different AO coming to your AO each month, giving variety.

Leadership Group

1st F Group – Spano (FH), Enos (Strut), Pothole (Depot), Fire Daddy (Roost), Clarece (GOAT), NB

2nd F Group – Tory (FH), Fools Gold (Depot), Fiji (Strut), Moneypenny (Roost), Smithers (GOAT), NB

3rd F Group – Plan B (FH), Moose (Depot), Wild Blue (Strut), Toetag (Roost), Slate (GOAT), NB