• When: 2019-06-13
  • QIC: Fiji
  • The PAX: Milk Bone, The Don, Lock Box, Socrates, Convoy, Loose Screw, Wild Blue, Smokey, Aim High

F3 6th Anniversary Q

Six years ago Alter Boy, Stones, Convoy and I had our own Boot Camp inviting everyone we could find to join us. Many worked out with us but no one stayed, Alter Boy told us about this group he heard of called F3. He said that he would check it out but seemed a little weird because everyone had nick names and exercises were called by different names. So I posted for a Saturday boot camp at the Capitol, had to have been 30 plus Men. It was tough and my main memory was Chaser calling out guys who weren’t working hard enough, imagine that! Its been a great Six Years..

Warm Up
Mosey around parking lot
Wind Mills X 6 IC
Squats X 6 IC
Arm Circles X 6 IC
Imperial Walkers X 6 IC

Chinup Bar
Upper Chinup X 6
Lunge – 6 each Right leg
Lower Chinup X 6
Lunge – 6 each – Left leg
Full Chinup X 6

Hot Dog Stand
Run around building 1X after each excercise
Roman Chair – A long time
Iron Cross X 6 IC
Incline Merkins X 6 – leg raise – IC
Incline Merkins X 6 – leg raise- The other leg – IC
Squat 3 count X6
Dips X6 IC

Rock Pile
American Hammer X6 IC
LBC W/ Rock X6 IC
Trisep Extensions X6 IC
Overhead Press X6 IC
Curls X6 IC
Rinse and repeat

Play Ground
Flutter Kicks X30 IC
Lo Planks – Alternating Legs and arms raised
Freddy Mercury X20
Left Side Plank
Right Side Plank

Hip Thruster X6
Big Boy Situps – “The Don”