• When: 10/25/14
  • QIC: Solo VQ Blah Blah
  • The PAX: Mule, PAC, Bagger, Blah Blah & FNG Opie(Tyler Corbitt)

Exploring The SnakePit

Conditions: 41 Degrees, no breeze & 99% humidity

5 PAX arrived in the gloom at the Snake Pit, ready for a beat down.  YHC was ready to give them what they wanted.

Disclaimer: Blah Blah

The Thang:


Mosey to ROTC Field

SSH IC x25

IW IC x25

Windmill IC x25

TTT IC x25

LBAC forward IC x25

LBAC backward IC x25

Mosey Soccer field

Six minutes of Mary

The Dolly IC x25

6” Hold (60 Sec)

The Rosalita (High Dolly) IC x25

6” Hold (60 Sec)

The Little Baby Crunch IC x25

6” Hold (60 Sec)

The Dying Cockroach: IC x25

6” Hold (60 Sec)

The Flutter Kick: IC x25

6” Hold (60 Sec)

Freddy Mercury’s: IC x25

6” Hold (60 Sec)


Mosey to lower field (With Pavers)

Curls IC x25

Iron Cross (60 Sec)

Tri press IC x25

Iron Cross (60 Sec)

Shoulder press IC x15

Iron Cross (60 Sec)

Bent over rows IC x25

Iron Cross (60 Sec)

Fly’s IC x15

Iron Cross (60 Sec)

Put bricks back

Merkins x25

Plank (60 Sec)

Peter Parker x15

Plank (60 Sec)

Mosey 1 lap, up the stairs to the bench.


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama:

Name Chain: Tyler Corbitt -> when asked about hobbies he replied fishing -> Opie



The 6 minutes of Mary were a big hit with the PAX.

Each time we started another 60 seconds of Iron corsses the Mumblechatter got better.



The Columbia Marathon and Lexington Half Marathon are coming up.


BOM: Muel



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