• When: 2019-11-14
  • QIC: STH
  • The PAX: FG, Moose, Hostel, Speedo, STH, Lumbergh

Dirty dolphin jokes and other debauchery

6 pax brave the cold and learn a few new exercises


30 degrees, 7 mph wind, no frost luckily.

2 ’til Devo

Make time to call/text/spend time with an elderly person in your family and make it count, you never know when their time may come.  Tell your kids that you love them.  Reach out to someone that you know is struggling, you never know how a small gesture may have a big impact.


SSH (25x) IC

It was too cold to be standing in one place so we got moving:

The Thang:

First exercise was the “Do-ah-diddy”.  Similar to the native american run, #2019, except the leader peels off and does an exercise and then catches the 6 and yells “six”, then the next leader does the same, etc.  First exercise was squats x20, we did this for about a lap and half around the big loop which was one full rotation of pax, next exercise was LBC’s x20, that put us back in the parking lot ready for the next exercise.  During this exercise the theme of the workout was set, one pax yelled what was supposed to be “six” but sounded like “SEX” to the other pax and from then on out any time someone was supposed to say “six” at any time during the workout it was instead…..SEX.  Good stuff.  Yes, we are very mature adult men, sometimes.

Now it was time for core day.

Next we did the cupid shuffle.  Turn on the Cupid Shuffle song, get into plank position and when you hear “right”, right leg up and down, “left”, left leg up and down, “down” is one merkin, “walk”, do mtn climbers until you’re given another direction.  The 3.5 minute plank was loved by all.  (eye roll   😉  )

Next we headed over to the playground concrete near the bathrooms for the “Dirty Hookup”, oh yeaaa.  Plank with eyes on the wall.  4 count, 1 is right hand up, 2 is left hand up, (horizontal pank), 3 is right hand down, 4 is left hand down, (back down to plank position).  x15.  10 count rest.  Rinse and repeat.  This was a good beat down for the core, abs and back, something we don’t get enough of I feel.  Oh and the name is pretty awesome too.  While we were near the playground we did 10 pullups, cheating on the new pullup bars.

Next up was “Dominos”, back in the parking lot.  Line up arms length apart, get into plank position side by side, everyone right arm up.  Far right pax does 20 merkins, then resumes standard plank position, while next pax in line does exercises, on down the line.  Once last pax is done everyone left arm up and far left pax does 20 squats, on down the line…..like Dominos, duh.

Next up was “Doggy Paddle”.  Pax get into doggie position (more sexual innuendos), some pax didn’t know what doggie position was which was a bit puzzling to me (and made me feel a bit bad for them) but I digress, another 4 count exercise, 1 was right arm up and left leg up, 2 was back down to doggie, 3 was left arm up and left leg up, 4 was back to doggie.  I believe we did this x15, then did 10 count, then rinse and repeat.

It was around this time that Lumby presented his hilarious joke about dolphins, we’ll save that one for the Depot chat though.  What happens at Depot stays at Depot….well sort of.

We then headed “down by the river” to our new pullup bars, hostel mentioned a 2  minute dead arm hang challenge and we all felt like we could give it a shot, we did and failed miserably, we’ll blame it on the gloves slipping and stick with that.  Then we did 10x pullups, I think.  And next was max out on dips.

To the parking lot for 20 merkins, 20 squats, 20 LBC’s.

Some of that may not be in chronological order but #getoverit


15x hello dolly

25x american hammer

Lastly the famous boat/canoe led by Lumby, welcome back sir, glad to have you; with an extra special hold of canoe for 30 seconds.  Pothole would have been proud of Lumby’s canoe form, quite spectacular.


Hiking trip 11/23.  See FG for details.  Be there or be square.

Triple mystery Q on Saturday, woahhhhhh!  Don’t miss it.

Continue to pray for MIB’s neighbor’s family (wife/mother passed away during surgery, approximately 45 years old)

If you haven’t made it out in a while come on out, as always it’s “Do what you can do and modify as needed”.  I assure you that you are missed and will be better off with your brothers in the gloom.  #DRP

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