• When: 2018-11-08
  • QIC: Tuber
  • The PAX: Uncle Rico, Butterbean, Slate, Lap Dog, Skunky, Hokie Pokie, Tuber

Deja Vu

7 PAX showed this morning after a solid rain to get a sweat on in the gloom.  After our initial time spent at Billy (5 total PAX) , we got together and decided to put in some work. YHC could tell Rico remembered one of my previous workouts fondly, and as luck would have it, some components of that day were included today. No need to thank me. Here’s how it went:


The conditions: 61 and moist

The Thang:

Seal Jacks X 20 IC, 20 Merkins OYO

IW X 20 IC, 20 Merkins OYO

TTT X 20 IC, 20 Merkins OYO (adjusted for speed to accommodate Hokie Pokie)


Mosey to CMS

20 burpee box jumps, run the carpool lane a full lap.

20 Step Ups each leg, run carpool lane

20 Dips, run carpool lane

20 Incline Merkins, run carpool lane

20 Decline Merkins, run carpool lane.

extra lap as desired.

Mosey back to Block Pile, get you one

Starting at curb, 10 Block Thrusters, carry to next light, repeat, carry to next light, repeat, carry to next light, repeat.  Once done at third light, return to starting line whilst still carrying block.

Repeat process with curls, then bent over rows. Return block.

Back to flag. Right on time, Mary declined.

Announcements:  Christmas Party December 1, Mac and cheese drive (YHC can collect and deliver), Spartan race in Charlotte in April, several GOAT PAX are in. You should too.  Convergence at Depot 12/1

Prayers: Hampton has had a decrease in size of tumor by 30%, TBD if surgery or chemo will be next course of action.