• When: 2018-11-08
  • QIC: Hoist
  • The PAX: Iron Mary, Gravedigger, All 9's, Brick, Chuckwagon, Drago, Honey Boo Boo, Scotch, Boucher, Wild Hog, All In

Thruster buster at The Hollow

Due to all the rain we were expecting this morning, YHC decided to keep the pax under cover with another circuit workout.  Fortunately or unfortunately, it did not rain so we had to complete the circuit workout which is shown in detail below.

Conditions: 65 degrees and pleasant

The thang:

Disclaimer and mosey around the parking lot.

SSH IC x 15
Squats IC x 15

Merkins IC x 15

Go to the block pile and grab a block.  Mosey to the walkway behind the cafeteria.


Circuit workout where you have an exercise with a certain amount of reps that need to be completed in a certain time period.  If you cannot complete the reps in the time period then you move on to the next exercise.

Exercise #1 – Thrusters (15 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #2 – Hydraulics (15 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #3 – Curls for the girls and overhead presses (15 reps each in 45 seconds)

Exercise #4 – Run down the walkway to the double doors and back in 45 seconds

If you complete exercise 4, then you rotate back to exercise 1 and start the rotation again.  Reduce the reps by 2 on the 2nd cycle.  Workout lasts for 36 minutes.

Grab your block and carry it with you back to the block pile.

Mosey back to the flag





  • Cheech 10k this weekend
  • Hairy Bison – 11/17
  • Wildcat – 12/01
  • Christmas Party – 12/14


  • GraveDigger’s family
  • Jackson Whitlock having open heart surgery

Good efforts this morning.  I definitely received a push.  Thrusters are not my friend and I wanted to quit several times and move to the next station.  BUT I did not want to be the first one so I stayed and embraced the suck with my brothers.