• When: 2019-03-19
  • QIC: Sparky
  • The PAX: Howler, Carpool, Rudy, Road Rage, Cheddar, Flux, Maui, Grylls, Tuber, Reload, Seesaw, Creole, Duff, Sparky

Death By Burpees with Hairburners on top

14 Pax left the warmth of home this morning to get better on this last day of winter.

Weather – Clear, cool…37 degrees

The Thang

Mosey to blocks, carry block to cheese grater


15x SSH IC

15x LBC IC

15x Merkins IC

10x Through The Tunnel IC


Death By Burpee (thanks to Iron Mary F3 Lexington for the suggestion)

Tabatta timer set to 1 minute repeats.

Each minute you add a burpee… minute 1 – one burpee; minute 2 – two burpees; etc until last man is standing.

When you drop, 11’s with block thrusters and BBSU at each end of cheese grater.

Tclaps to Tuber for winning with 17 minutes = 153 burpees.


Hairburner LAMBS

3 groups of 4 to 5, split in half at each end of cheese grater.

Pax 1 hair burner to other end, 50 LBCs

Pax 2 back, 50 LBCs,

Etc until all in group have completed 50 LBCs

Repeat, 40 American Hammers

Repeat, 30 Merkins

Repeat, 20 Burpees

Repeat, 10 Squats

Recover blocks, return to flag.  30 seconds of Boat Canoe



  • Memorial day Murph – see Reload for details on signing up.  https://themurphchallenge.com/
  • Cornhole on Saturday for FCA – See Cheddar  http://northernmidlandsfca.org/events

Devo:  Matthew 19:26