• When: 09/30/14
  • QIC: Gerrymander
  • The PAX: Uncle Rico, Moonshine, Major Pain, Crash, Uno, EZ, Brother Si, Stagecoach, Cowbell, Bogey, JD, Mellow Yellow, Pablo, Trix, Six Hour, Roommate, Hash Brown, Bumblebee, Smithers, Coppertone, Keymaster, Neckbrace Knot, Kumbaya, Magic Mike

Cinder Block Beatdown

26 pax rolled into the depot for a Gerrymander comeback Q since leaving the depot for the Foxhole-LM.  The mumble chatter was strong at first but cut short after the first direction was given to grab a cinder block and circle up.  With the mud run 4 days away YHC decided to prep the pax by putting together a small group circuit workout to emphasize teamwork.





Power Clean with Blocks x 10 IC

Alternating Merkins on block x 15 OYO

Cinder Block Swings x 20 OYO

Across Body Cinder Block Swings x 20 each side OYO

Pax were instructed to carry block with them to each station

Circuit Workout:

Station 1: Basketball Court – 16 trips up and down hill to gravel parking lot with block overhead, then 300 squats per team (4 trips/75 squats per person)

Station 2: Soccer Goal on Football Field Closest to Track – Bear Crawl 50 yards, sprint 50 yards, turn around sprint 50 yards, Army Crawl 50 yards.  Rinse and Repeat.

Station 3:  Bottom of Hill at Entrance to Park – 8 trips Farmers carrying blocks uphill 400 merkins per team. (2 trips/ 100 merkins per person)

Station 4: Playground – 200 pull-ups, 400 curls and 400 chest press with blocks per team (50 pull-ups, 100 curls, 100 chest press per person)

Station 5: Far Light Pole on Soccer Fields – 300 Big Boy Sit Ups with blocks on chest, 160 4 count Russian Twist (75BBSU, 40 RT per person)

Station 6: Closest Light Pole to Playground – Skip across field to other light pole with block, turn and lunge walk across field with block on shoulders, turn and reverse lunge walk across field with block on back, turn and skip back with block

Station 7: Gravel Parking Lot – In markin position push block across parking lot.

Time was short and most pax were only able to get to 3 stations, but felt like this guy in the end



Thirsty Thursday 5:30pm British Bulldog Pub

Mud Run Saturday. Get drinks in to AO on Thursday. If you want to sign up for mud run, talk to Crash.  We still have teams needing people

Prayers for Nail Pop as they bring Walker home.  Walker Strong tshirts still available for purchase.

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  1. Bummer I missed this. I like a good challenge. Something about a number of stations that compels me to want to get to all of them – no matter what.

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