• When: 11/14/14
  • QIC: Enos
  • The PAX: Fiji, Sand Dollar, Loose Screw, Futon, Convoy, Lamont, Pebbles, & Enos

But we just did 44 Little Baby Crunches!!

Conditions: 52 degrees, perfect weather in the Gloom

The Thang:

8 faithful pax survived the latest Q by YHC. The temperature was perfect, spirits were high & mumble chatter was at a minimum, but all did their best and got better in the gloom.

Nice slow mosey to the elementary school parking lot for COP
Squats X 30 IC
Merkins X 15 IC
Through the Tunnel X 30 IC
Little Arm Circles X 15 IC in each direction
Imperial Walkers X 30 IC
LBC X 44 IC (after Fiji said go to your age, Futon was not amused)

Mosey to elementary school playground & pair up
Pull-ups X 10 oyo/assisted switch
Big boy sit-ups X 20 oyo switch
Iron cross X 20 oyo switch

Pull-ups X 5 oyo/assisted switch
Big boy sit-ups X 30 oyo switch
Iron cross X 15 oyo switch

Pull-ups X 5 oyo/assisted switch
Big boy sit-ups X 40 oyo switch
Iron cross X 10 oyo switch

Mosey concession stand
Dips X 20 oyo
Decline merkins X 20 oyo
Rows X 20 oyo
Incline merkins X 20 oyo
Burpee X 7 oyo

2 laps around building

Dips X 10 oyo
Decline merkins X 10 oyo
Rows X 10 oyo
Incline merkins X 10 oyo
Burpee X 3 oyo

2 laps around building & plank till all complete

All out sprint to shovel flag for BOM.


Great workout & fellowship by the 8 faithful Stut pax!   Numbers are ideal, spirits are high, and workouts are great. If you haven’t visited the Lake Murray Mothership in awhile, come back & see her.   It’s a great AO with plenty of options; no we do not have artificial turf, IT’S REAL GRASS, DIRT & MUD!  No workout at Strut this Saturday (11/15/2014).  Please visit one of the other AO’s.

If you haven’t Q’d, step-up, Co-Q’s are always welcome feel free to contact any of the regular Q’s for information.

Announcements/Prayer Request
Stone’s continued recovery

Upcoming Events:
November 25, 2014: Sleigh Bell Stroll (walk), http://www.icrc.net/sleigh-bell-trot
November 26, 2014: Sleigh Bell Trot 5K run http://www.icrc.net/sleigh-bell-trot
Both events are at Saluda Shoals Park underneath the lights before the cars start driving through. Let’s support those that support us with the great up keep of the Strut AO.

November 28, 2014: Families Helping
Families Telethon with WIS-TV
December 6, 2014: Run Hard Half Marathon, Lexington
December 11, 2014: BIRCH Christmas
December 19, 2014: Lexington Christmas
March 7, 2015: Run Hard Marathon & Half Marathon, Columbia
March 20-21, 2015: Palmetto 200 Relay

0 thoughts on “But we just did 44 Little Baby Crunches!!”

  1. Enos great Q, the 44 LBC were great and it makes me feel good that Futon grumbled. Great all around workout. I do wish you would add chinups to your PT. C’Mon Man


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