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Burpee Binge on the Bayou

YHC and 34 PAX (3 FNGs) arrived at the Graveyard depending on PYT’s neon pink tanktop to provide the primary lighting on the field so the Weinke could be read. Several others were also disappointed that his UA delayed the debut of his magic weight vest which was being used the night prior to as a reason to reveal the Q’s workout. Fortunately, a lithium ion lamp lit the way to pain stations and a pressbox as burpees were bountiful.

The Thang:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey Stadium for COP:

TTT – 16 IC
SSH – 15 IC
IW – 15 IC
Mountain Climbers – 20 IC
Reverse LBC- 15 IC
Overhead Claps- 30 IC

Tabata (4 min total-20 sec exercise/rest)

• Burpees
• Squats

Partner up with similar size:

• Partner 1 stays in low plank while partner 2 does a burpee and jumps laterally over partner 1 (5 reps)
• Partner 1 is in high plank with legs spread so that partner can step between legs and reach down and grab partner 1’s ankles and do bent over rows facing away from partner 1 (10 reps)
• Partner 1 holds 6” while partner 2 jumps over his feet (20 reps); flapjack

On sideline:

• Partner 1 drags partner 2 across field to second hash and then both prisoner lunge to sideline
• Partner 2 drags partner 1 across field to second hash and then both frog jump to sideline

On sideline:

• Partner 1 runs to top of press box via gate on far end of field, and does burpee broad jumps the length of press box and returns to field via steps near main gate, army crawls from end line to goal line and then runs back to partner 2 on far sideline at midfield.
• While partner 1 is running to top of press box, partner 2 is doing 10 merkins/10 incline merkins/10 decline merkins/30 dips on bench, rinse and repeat until partner 1 returns; flapjack

Mary (dealer’s choice)

• 30 Russian Twist IC (Blindside)
• 30 Iron Cross (Ranger)

COT and Prayer

 Fall Mud Run, October 4th.
 GORUCK, November 21st
 Prayers for Ben Skelley as he recovers from heart attack suffered at Stomp the Swamp and 30 yr friend of YHC that was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer.


Travis Weed > sells surgical supplies > Nip Tuck

Jacob Cook > family had a lot of goats when he was growing up > Goat Boy

Trey Dooley > lawyer > Wapner (Judge)

Devo (backblast only)
• This was to be devo this morning but after BOM, YHC got distracted and the Pax got too far away and I apologize. This past week YHC has observed how even the smallest lack of integrity can diminish a leader’s effectiveness. Whether it is employees, an organization, youth basketball teams, our children, or family; we are all leading someone. Lack of integrity breaks trust and someone that can’t be trusted will not be followed. Let’s examine ourselves and allow others to hold us accountable and be receptive to correction as we are all on this journey together.

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