• When: 11/27/2014
  • QIC: Candy Stripe
  • The PAX: Treadmill, Higgins, Wapner, Candy Stripe


4 Strong Toms arrived at Turning point in the wee hours of the morn.  What could pull theses strange birds from the comfort of the fartsack on a Holiday.  I believe the answer is simple…Each other. 

conditions: bout 40 degrees with a chilly breeze

Disclaimer and Prayer

Get you jog on 

Regular….Butt Kicks…..High Knees…..Regular




Monkey Humpersx10IC

MERKINx20IC (it pleases the crowd)


LBACx15ICforward x15ICbackward

Take a Lap

meet up at the block pile and grab 2 for each PAX.  they seemed lighter last time.  perhaps the heavy amounts of precipitation have increased their weight.

Mosey to a wet spot to start the Block ladder… okay now get up and mosey to a Dry Spot to continue the Block ladder.  6 rungs with 12 reps each exercise on your own

1. Plank Block cross overs. (start on one side of the block with both hand on the ground and put closest hand on the farthest side of the block, now bring the other hand on top of the block, then go down to the ground on the other side of the block in the same fashion.  each time both hands touch the ground that’s one rep.) x12 reps 20-30 sec rest

2. Plank Block cross over x12. BBSU with one block on your chest (if you like, use the other block to secure four feet in) x12reps 20-30 sec rest

3. Planks block crossovers x12. BBSUx12. Dips (place the both blocks vertically, one on each side of you, with both hands on top of the blocks complete your dips.  keep your keister between the blocks for good balance) x12 reps  20-30 sec rest

4.  Planks block crossovers x12. BBSUx12. Dips x12. Squat to front Shoulder press ( all in one motion) x12reps 20-30 sec rest

5.  Planks block crossovers x12. BBSUx12. Dips x12. Squat to front Shoulder press x12reps. Curls (1 block or 2 blocks or mix it up like YHC and do 6 reps with 2 blocks and 6 reps with 1 block) x12 reps total  20-30 sec rest.

6.   Planks block crossovers x12. BBSUx12. Dips x12. Squat to Front shoulder press x12reps. Curls  x12 reps total.  Block Press (1 or 2 block at a time just maintain control over your blocks.  sutures are expensive) x12  20-30 sec rest

Okay that took longer than YHC thought.  leave blocks and take a lap.  inspirational story shared with the PAX about the GRC White Team and the now infamous reverse crab walk with ruck in front up an intimidating hill.  As I remember looking at the hill and hearing the instructions given out by Cadre Geoff, AKA Cadre BADASS, I thought there is no way this can be done…. After a few moments, I had to revert back a little ways in history when I was an indestructible youth.  that time when nothing was too heavy to lift or too hard to be done.  So with that frame of mind I set off, up Knozit Hill.  With the prelude delivered to the PAX, it was time to bring the reverse crab walk up the hill to Turning point.

Reverse crab walk up TP hill.  place a block in your lap and get moving.  we have 2 blocks that means 2 reps.  unload your block on top of TP hill and mosey back for 2nd block.  this is when YHC “accidently” grabbed Treadmill’s block to see if it was any lighter.  I don’t think it was, so plan was somewhat fruitless.  Finish off strong.  #newbenchmark

Great Job PAX! that “stuff” aint easy

Time flies when your having fun….come to think of it, I have seen a turkey fly but not very far.  with that said, times up.  return blocks to block pile with extreme “attention to Detail”.  Blocks should be placed in an orderly fashion.  mosey back to parking lot.


count off=4. confirmed by all the PAX present. namorama

BOM, Prayer

pray for the PAX both attending AOs this am and traveling, pray for safe travel, pray for injured PAX chaser, fieldgoal,….


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