• When: 2019-07-25
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: Pothole, Laettner, Whitney, Soft Toss, Coppertone, Stagecoach, Boxwine, Tramp Stamp, Neckbrace, Milkman, Fool's Gold (QIC)

Back in Black


It could just be the lingering effects of the grande cervezas from La Fogata Tuesday night (#CheapDate), but this morning the buzz of excitement after Pothole’s recent Depot manifesto was still palpable among the PAX.  There have been a lot of discussions and feedback on the current state of affairs within our beloved Lake Murray F3 and how we go from good to great and beyond.

This is a good time to be alive my friends…..not like the middle ages….sure there would have been castles to loot, damsels in despair to rescue/woo, and dragons to slay….#HistoryMajor

Image result for slaying dragons gif

…but, we’d have been up to our necks in sheep shit.  Sheep outnumbered humans 100-1 in the Middle Ages and death by sheep shit ingestion was the #2 most common (see what I did there :)) cause of death.  The leading cause of death was of course choking on legs o’ mutton, and in a very distant third place….well digging (all those sheep needed a lot of H2O). #Foreshadowing

Weather wise it was perfect – Nearly 60 with, dare I say, a little chill in the air even, crystal clear skies, and a 4 MPH NNE breeze.  PAX were also in full blackout attire, with the exception of Tramp Stamp who went with #OrangeIsTheNewBlack.

Let’s get it on!

Here’s how it went down:


After a quick disclaimer, we jumped right into the action

Image result for sheep gif


  • SSH x  …..JK, LOL!

Not that there’s anything wrong with SSHs, but leading off with them was the old Depot.  Here at the new Depot, we are shaking things up and getting a little crazy.

Image result for crazy gif

Ok, not Nick Cage crazy, but more like…..

Image result for shake it up gif the office

That’s better.

One natural consequence of all this testosterone that F3 generates in the PAX is that on occasion blocks get destroyed.  It’s never (well rarely…..well, ok sometimes) intentional, but it does happen.  The #MenOfDepot have developed a small mountain of cinder block chunks.  Each PAX was instructed to grab a handful, which they toted to the dumpster, and left the world a slightly better place.  Warm up, check.  Third F, check.


YHC has been lauded (lauded is the same thing as ridiculed, made fun of, and shunned right?) for some of his “creative” Q’s over the last 2 years.  Since causing the PAX to #accelerate is serious business, today’s new Q needed to be as well.  No more games, child’s play, or other bullshit.  No fun allowed.

Image result for fun gif

Polyhedral dice, Karate Kid bandanas, and Zeppelin tunes safely locked away, we began with each PAX grabbing a block of their choice, passing through the playground, and lining up betwixt the first light poles on the soccer field facing north.  This left a LOT of open ground between us and the very dark end of the soccer fields.

Part Uno (strangely without our boy Uno, who I believed HC’ed….)

The PAX then Cusacked the blocks across the field.  Simple enough, but with a few twists:

  • All of the PAX should hold the line, no rushing ahead, Cusack only as fast as the slowest PAX
  • If….ok when…., you get smoked, let the PAX know (audible scream or swearing is acceptable) and we all stop and plank on the blocks for a 10 count then resume
  • Do this all the way across the fields and then pause for story time with YHC (see Moleskin and Devo below)
  • Rinse and repeat, this time heading back to where we started toward the light side of the field.
    • Note this was roughly a quarter mile of Cusacking
    • STH, you should have been there, you would have loved it
  • Modify by doing Curls while you walk as necessary (I don’t think anyone needed to do this)

Part Deuce (welcome back Soft Toss!)

Return to the light pole with the blocks and line up, this time facing west across the shorter end of the fields.  Partner up for some flapjack fun.

Note that I asked the PAX to wear black today, more on that below.  Our 5 different exercises spelled out the word black.

B – PAX 1 – Bear Crawls, PAX 2 – 3 Blurpees (aka Block Burpees), once done with the Blurpees, Cusack your block to PAX 1, flapjack and continue across the field, hold 6 inches on the six when finished.    *Rinse and Repeat

L – PAX 1 – Deep Lunges, PAX 2, 20 curls with the block, flapjack and continue across the field, hold 6 inches on the six when finished

A – PAX 1 – Alligator Hand Release Merkins (do a Hand Release Merkin, crawl forward like an alligator, another HR Merkin, etc.), PAX 2 – 20 block rows, flapjack and continue across the field, hold 6 inches on the six when finished *This one took a while and left the PAX saturated inside and out

C – Group activity – Modified Caterpillar – Another new one from the F3 Exicon (for YHC at least) was the Caterpillar, modified a bit to use the blocks.  Each PAX plank on their blocks in a line, 2-3 feet apart from each other.  The last PAX of the line then Cusacks their block to the end of the line Indian Run style, stepping over the feet of the other PAX.  Rinse and repeat this all the way across the field.

K – PAX 1 – Knee ups while holding the block and either Curling of Cusacking it, PAX 2 – 10 kettlebell swings, flapjack and continue across the field, hold 6 inches on the six when finished


With a quick check of the watch, we were almost out of time so we did some rapid fire Mary including:

  • Flutter Kicks x 10 IC
  • LBCs x 10 IC
  • American Hammers x 11 IC

BOM, COT, Devo, conclude BC.


My family and I recently returned from an extended vacation in Portugal.  In those many days together, we saw and did many amazing things.  We made memories, faced challenges, and became closer and stronger as a family.  Through a series of fortunate events, the help of some great friends, and some careful planning, we were able to disconnect totally and be present in the moment(s) while there.   It was awesome!  It was without question a trip of a lifetime.  Our trio returned grateful, energized, and ready for this next phase in our lives!

One of the coolest places we visited was the historic town of Sintra.  Sintra is home to a number of UNESCO world heritage sites.  As an aside, Madonna and her cone bra also lives there, so there’s that too.

Image result for madonna cone bra gif

One of the UNESCO sites is called Quinta da Regaleira.  It is a fascinating place, built by an eccentric millionaire in the 1900’s.  There’s a large ornate palace there, but the gardens were by far the most interesting place to visit.  There are waterfalls, caves, statues, winding paths, and a pair of “Initiation Wells”.  These wells were used during Freemason initiation rites back in the day.

Here are a few pics:

The Palace

Initiation Well

Supposedly, during the initiation ritual folks would descend down into the well.  At the base of the well is a tunnel that the FNG would navigate in darkness.  The tunnel travels a good ways and then opens up into a grotto with a waterfall.  This essentially symbolized man’s plunge into the darkness with all his burdens and baggage, surviving the dark times, and then emerging into the light born again as a new man.

So how does any of this relate to anything we did today?

Well….11 of @F3Depot’s #UTP left behind the cozy, cozy confines of the fartsack to enter the darkness of the gloom, work their asses off, and emerge like beautiful butterflies at the end of the Q….born again as new men.  Good work men!

While the records are sketchy, I’m sure there was a fair bit of hazing and #mumblechatter as folks descended into the dark well many years ago.  And you just know at some point there was some dude who farted in the well….it happens.

Image result for fart gif honey boo boo

With the exception of when YHC had the group silenced and spellbound during the story time portion of the Q, the #mumblechatter was strong today.  Some of that was no doubt due to the long awaited return of the AOQb known formerly as Soft Toss, welcome back!

Continuing on with the theme….YHC asked the PAX to wear black today for a couple of reasons.  The primary reason for this is, as we all know, black is slimming.  Reason B was that I wanted us all to be unified as one today and color coordinating was a good place to start.  And number three, to embrace the darkness of the gloom.

Part 1 of the workout we all had our own burdens to bear (a cinderblock in this case) that we had to Cusack across the big field into the darkness.  Similar to the tunnel after the initiation well, the return trip took us from the darkness to the relative light of the southern side of the soccer fields.  Cusacking is not YHC’s strongest exercise (I’m more of a little arm circle type of guy), so this one was particularly tough for me.  But, by doing this side by side with my 10 F3 brothers, I was able to go a helluva lot farther than I would have been able to on my own.  I liked also that, with the exception of an over exuberant Stagecoach a few times #showoff, we all stuck together throughout.  Collective suffering and leaving no man behind makes us all better men.  F3 makes us all better men.

We partnered up for Part 2 of the Q.  This represented being able to share your burden (again the cinderblock) with someone else for a while.  We’ve seen so many examples of this in F3 over the years with PAX coming together to support one another in times of tragedy or need.  Sometimes all someone needs is a friendly word or more often than not a friendly ear.  Most of us are going through some struggle right now.  You’ve got an F3 brother that is there for you, without question.  If things are going swimmingly for you, reach out, chances are another brother could use some of your optimism.  It’s why we are here.

It is indeed a good time to be alive and a good time to be in F3!


Much of the below is in Bro Si’s ~weekly Lake Murray Update.  Be sure to reach out to him if you aren’t on that list and he’ll hook you up!

Tomorrow (Friday 7/26/19) Neck Brace has your Friday Father’s Q at Depot – 7 AM sharp.  Bring your kiddos, young or old, out for a 30 minute workout and some quality bonding time as well.  If your progeny is new to F3, they’ll get their very own nickname!  Remember Teats and Squishy Balls are already taken….Grimace continues to be available.

The Mission Summer Cookout is around the corner on Friday, August 9th!  Contact Stones for more details, but let’s have a good showing from Depot at this thing.  A link to the sign up sheet is here.  OGM Cookout Sign Up Sheet

Strut – 6 Year Anniversary Convergence! – Saturday August 10th.  This will be a great convergence with our other Lake Murray brothers at Strut.  Strut meets at 7 Oaks Park in Irmo.  Let’s make sure Depot has the most number of PAX at this event.

F3 Dad’s camp – The event is Friday, August 16th through Sunday, August 18th.  It is sold out; however, cancellations are possible.  Thin Mint of F3 in the Charlotte area is coordinating this, reach out to him if you want in and there just may be a few tickets out there available.

Follow @f3dadscamp for details or see the pre-blast aqui:

F3 Dad’s Camp

We have an all-star cast of Q’s and some special dates at Depot between now and the big 6 year convergence at Strut:

  • 7/27 – Return of Arrears to Depot….will he have a Lexington accent? …will he still smell like baby powder and coconuts?  Post to find out.
  • 7/30 – Stagecoach will finish July on a high note with – #TickBiteTaperTummyTrouble  (It’s the Depot version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock)
  • Image result for paper rock scissors lizard spock gif
  • 8/1 – Lumbergh – Ring in the new month with Lumbergh’s 3 year anniversary!
  • 8/3 – Neck Brace – Double the fun with Neck Brace’s 6 year anniversary!
  • 8/6 – Hostel – will the Q start at 6 AM? 7 AM?  (you would need to have been at La Fogata on #TacoTuesday to understand)
  • 8/8 – Moose – Our #Specimen will rally the Depot troops prior to the Convergence
  • 8/10 – Convergence at Strut!!

Beyond 8/10, things get a little sparse.  Let’s fill that Q sheet up through the rest of the summer.  Link below if you have misplaced it:

F3 Lake Murray Web App

Leaving this subtle hint here again for someone who is more than ready to make his 2019 (maybe VQ???) debut at Depot…..

Image result for laettner gif

Reminder – the Ocho on Sunday’s at 8 PM, @F3depot.  Handball….#America’sGame

Reminder – coffeeteria following Boot Camp (aka the artist formerly known as Handball) on Saturdays, 0630.  Chick-Fil-A is the usual spot for this.

Run groups – Options galore for the PAX!

  • Swagger – Monday at Little Caesar’s on St. Andrews (0530 am), and Wednesday behind Starbucks on Harbison (0530 am), now officially on the twitters @f3swagger, give it a follow!
  • Twilight – Tues/Thurs behind Spring Hill High School (0430 am…no, that’s not a typo), @f3twilight
  • Stagger – Wednesday at Ballentine Elementary (0530 am), @f3stagger
  • Donut Run – Friday at Lake Murray Blvd behind Dunkin Donuts (0515 am),
  • 401k Run – This has been shut down for the summer due to #SCWeather, but will be be back soon enough, follow – @f3_401k_run for details
  • Preakness – Join the #Clydesdales on Wednesday’s (and sometimes other days) at 0530.  Location moved to the Lake Murray Dam.  See Soft Toss for details.  @CaseyEstridge
  • Saturdays – Just run at handball OR someone is always training for something somewhere on Saturday mornings, DM me or @F3LakeMurray and we’ll hook you up!


Prayers for the many PAX who are either on vacation or preparing to go this summer.  Prayers for safe travels and that they’ll be able to be present and distraction free (Depot chat not included in this statement) for themselves and their families.   – Laettner, Soft Toss, Mayhem, Bellhop, Buddy Love, Prairie Dog….and any others YHC missed.

We had some great discussion on Tuesday about ways to re-energize this @F3LakeMurray thing.  Prayers that we are able to continue this and make ourselves and the existing PAX better and bring the Gift that is F3 to others who needed it.

More Prayers for our brothers who HCed, but were unable to (or chose not to) make it into the gloom this morning.  Since we have a no name and shame policy at Depot, but not a rhymes with policy, I’ll just leave this here……Moon-oh, Weezy, Mut-Leg, Loose (chuckle), Thafeeto, and Blark.  We need you there men.

Our brothers struggling with whatever challenges life is handing them right now.



I cleaned out my office the other day and in a pile of papers I came across a copy of the original #ODB (aka Our Daily Bread).  I picked it up and the first page resonated with me on multiple levels.  This is from June 1st, 2019 and was written by Adam Holz.

“Must. Go. Faster.”  That’s what Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum, says in an iconic scene from the 1993 movie Jurassic Park as he and two other characters flee in a Jeep from a rampaging tyrannosaurus.  When the driver looks in the rearview mirror, he sees the raging reptile’s jaw – right above the words “OBJECTS IN MIRROR MAY BE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR”. 

The scene is a masterful combination of intensity and grim humor.  But sometimes the “monsters” from our past feel like they’ll never stop pursuing us.  We look in the “mirror” of our lives and see mistakes looming right there, threatening to consume us with guilt or shame.

The apostle Paul understood the past’s potentially paralyzing power.  He’d spent years trying to live perfectly apart from Christ, and even persecuted Christians.

But Paul found such beauty and power in his relationship with Christ that he was compelled to let go of his old life.  That freed him to look forward in faith instead of backward in fear or regret: “one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal”.

Our redemption in Christ has freed us to live for Him.  We don’t have to let those “objects in (our) mirror” dictate our direction as we continue forward.

This one stuck with me because – 1.  T-Rex – I am a geologist after all….and my tiny arms give me difficulty in scratching my own back and hailing cabs, 2.  After a long day of hiking overseas #humblebrag, I watched this movie with my son for the first time (a little male bonding over raptors, doesn’t get much better than that), and 3.  I think the message about putting the past behind us and focusing on the future relates to most of us.  Me for sure.

Like our Q today, we are all carrying baggage from our choices, experiences, people we’ve met, relationships we’ve had.  Some of this baggage is great, like those super adaptable rollerboards with 4 wheels….shall I pull it, or push it…4 wheels or just two on the ground, ohhh the joy!!!!

Image result for what to choose gif

Of course, some of our baggage is not that great.   Guilt, shame, fear, worry…perhaps more akin to a dirty shirt attached to a locust pole thrown over your shoulder like a hobo.

Image result for bag on a stick

Side Note – you could probably replace the word “Hobo” with “Millennial” above.  Is it still cool to hate on Millennials or are we better than that now??? #askingforafriend

This type of baggage is the exact thing that can keep you from reaching your goals, from #accelerating, from being the best possible version of yourself.

The good news with F3 is, that guy next to you in the gloom or slurping down half-priced happy hour beers at La Fogata next to you has his own baggage.  He’s also been around a bit and seen a thing or two.  Helping him with his baggage might help you feel better about your own.  Vice versa, perhaps he can help you with yours for a while.  Our network is bigger than we realize sometimes and we’re all in this thing together, so let’s leverage it and share the load.  Reach out!


A whole burden>half a burden>sheep shit

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