• When: 09/18/2014
  • QIC: Enos
  • The PAX: Futon, Convoy, One Hit Wonder, The Rock, Sand Dollar, Loose Screw, Lamont, Enos

Another Edition of the Monthly PT Assessment with an Added Dose of Merkins

Conditions: 67 degrees with 91% humidity

The Thang: 8 pax posted in the balmy gloom of Strut for the monthly pt test assessment. When YHC said it was again time for the pt test, one pax mumbled “I returned for this!” All pax put forth great effort on a pleasant morning in the gloom.

Run to the football field for COP
Windmills X 25 IC
Mountain Climbers X 25 IC
Little Arm Circles X 12 IC in each direction
Through the Tunnel X 25 IC
Imperial Walker X 25 IC

PT Test
Count of 1, 2
Merkins AMRAP on 2 minutesMax Out Pax
Situps AMRAP in 2 minutesSit-Ups

Results are posted here:

Line up on the goal line
Sprint to 25 yd line – merkins 20 oyo
Sprint to 50 yard line – flutter kicks 20 oyo
Sprint to 25 yard line – squats 20 oyo
Sprint to the goal line – burpees 10 oyo
Repeat in opposite direction

Line up again on goal line
Sprint to the 50 yard line – big boy sit ups 20 oyo
Sprint to the goal line – jump squats 20 oyo
Repeat in opposite direction
Sprint to the opposite goal line

Run to area next to parking lot
LBC x 30 IC
Flutter Kicks X 30 IC
Hello Dolly X 30 IC
Six inches X 30 sex


The Muthership AO is awesome, with lots of opportunities for fun and excitement. As F3 expands find time to visit, especially on Saturdays when the number of pax are minimal. Continue to EH new pax to Strut as well.

Announcements, etc.:

Continue to pray for Walker and family.
Continue to pray for Strut regular, the one and only, Stones.
Pray for Peebles, he is having some major back pain issues.
10/04/14 – USMC Mud Run – Crash is the Event Q – Smokey is our F3 Lake Murray Regional Q.
10/09/14 – GoRuck Gear night – Robber is the Q and will have HalfMoon Outfitters in place for some good discounts.
Price for Governors Cup half marathon and 8K increases 10/01, see back blast for discount code – http://f3nation.com/2014/08/19/governors-cup-half-marathon-and-8k-pre-blast/

A number of pax are training for it, come see us at Swagger & give it a shot, longer runs on Friday’s from Dunkin Donuts on Lake Murray Blvd.  Follow @F3LakeMurray for times/distances.
Swagger is putting together a team(s) for the Palmetto 200 in March, plenty of time to get ready.
Keep checking the website and Twitter for updates – lots going on! Many opportunities for all 3 Fs in and around Columbia and Lake Murray regions.

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