• When: 2017-10-12
  • QIC: Shakespeare
  • The PAX: Depends, Purdue, TT, Tory, Metermaid, Shakespeare

A well balanced workout of body and mind

6 Pax joined YHC in the gloom for a workout designed to challenge the entire body and mind.  Introducing some aspect of balance into an exercise or combining exercises encourages the firing of more neurons, or something.  At least that’s what YHC read on the interwebs, it must be true.  YHC does wonder about effectiveness if said neurons are starving for oxygen due to suck factor…

The Conditions:  Pleasant

The thang:

Hillbilly IC X15
TTT (w/a clap) IC X10
LAC IC X10 X10

5 dot drills
up and back X10
Up and back w/twist X5
“Z” X10 each side

3 Cycles of:
10 Squats
5 pull ups

Bear crawl as far as you can, then lunge until you feel you can crawl again, rinse and repeat until reaching about 75 yds.
25 yard acceleration, 25 yd full spring, 25 yd deceleration
Balanced arm raises, 20X each leg (bricks at hip.  Keep arms straight and raise bricks in front of you while also lifting one leg)
Repeat Bear crawl/lunge thingy
50X Ray Charles
Repeat acc/spring/dec thing
20X “sumo” curls– Legs wide, toes pointed outwards, bricks at hips with palms forward.  As performing curl, raise onto your toes.
Repeat bear crawl/lunge
50X russian twists
20X Rosalita crunch presses — Legs up at 90 degrees.  As spreading for rosalita, perform a press with bricks/blocks and a crunch at the same time.  A sight that can not be adequately described with mere words.  Try it.  At home.  Alone.

11’s (Merkins and BBSU)

Announcements:  None