• When: 10/2/2014
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Wiggles, BandCamp, ToeRing, Peggy, House, Spackle, Digger, FDIC, Fast Casual, Good Hands, Wapner, Brokestrong, Ranger, PYT, Utah, Clipboard, Cream Cheese, No Help, Turasi, Forest, Itchy, Hanging Chad, The Crapper, Giggles, Whisper, Netflix, Weekend Special, Blind Side, Shades of Grey, Tumbler, Carrot Top, Bulldog

A Pile of Fun….and Pain


The PAX arrived to find themselves split into groups of three to start and were told to stay with their groups.  Anticipation levels were on the rise.  Just what would they encounter today?

Mosey to the track starting line:

15 x SSHs IC, sprint to corner of track

15 x TTT IC, sprint to corner of track

15 x Merkens IC, sprint to next corner of track

15 x Squats IC, sprint to next corner of track

15 x LBCs IC, sprint to next corner of track

15 x ARM circles IC (forwards/backwards); mosey to practice field in groups and line up in the endzone

15 x Merkens IC, then sprint to other endzone (PAX were warned not to run thru endzone as a surprise was waiting for them)

PAX found their entertainment for the morning stacked together (logs, bricks, and blocks)

25 x Tricep extensions with bricks

Group log flip 100 yards to end of field, alternating flips between group members, sprint back to other end of field in your group, leaving the log of course.

25 x Shoulder presses with blocks

Then it got real:  Prisoner lunge your block 100 yards to other endzone.  Plank on block when finished.  Right arm up for 10 seconds, middle plank for 10 seconds, left arm up for 10 seconds.  Leave block and sprint back to bricks at other endzone.

50 x Brick curls for the girls IC, then spring back to other endzone and grab log.

Group log flip back to other endzone, then sprint back to your block at other endzone.

10 up/down Merkens on block on QIC count

Cusak block back to other endzone, 25 x Chest Press with block, 15 x Block Swings on QIC count

Group log big Boy Sit Ups 15 x QIC count

Two 100 yard sprints to finish


Announcements:  Mud Run Saturday, No Help No Mud run Convergence Q Saturday morning at River Bluff

Prayer Requests:  No Help officially adopted his son James, thursday.  Congratulations No Help!  Brokestrong prayer request for individual with recent medical diagnosis.

Was a lot of fun guys, and my lower back is still hurting Friday morning from the block swings.


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