• When: 2020-01-18
  • QIC: Arrears
  • The PAX: Joanna, Lumbergh, Moose, Fool's Gold, Jazz Hands, Lorraina, Speedo, Milkman, Sir Topham Hatt, Penny

1st Annual Arrears PT Test

From the creator of the Arrears 500® and the Mosey Suicide®


Last time YHC attended a Depot bootcamp we did the dreaded PT test. YHC thought its past time the PT test got bedazzled

Start time: 6:31AM

YHC rolls into the AO like Depot greats Pothole (present, in spirit) and JD (IR – Rib) from days of yore


Shout out to UTP PAX Moose for covering until I arrived.


Two and a half (2.5) mile timed run. Two miles isn’t long enough and why wait until the end? LOTS of good complaining

Several minutes later, Our very own, Joanna, emerges victorious earning himself a spot on the coveted Depot Ville to Ville team. Seriously, sign him up.

Once finished head to the playground for the pull up challenge. YHC was reminded  of the great 2019 battle of Depot v. Ballentine Park. Reroute to the pull up bars. PT Test: do as many pull ups as you can, all the way up all the way down (Phole is watching). A partner to hold legs is acceptable.

The results bring us to our first FACE OFF


Joanna vs Sir Topham Hatt

Results: Joanna, again. Joanna reminds everyone of his super cool home gym that includes a state-of-the-art pull up bar system. THIS GUY IS ON FUEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Next, PAX grab a block.

V Sit and Stretch

Pax sit in V with block approximately 6 inches away. Each Pax starts moving it back one inch until its the last man, reaching.

Winner: Penny

The man does not look flexible BUT WOW

Next is the Curl Challenge

  • 10 Curls for the Girls from up to half way down
  • 10 curls from down to half way up
  • Rest about 45 seconds

Each PAX does complete curls ( NO ROCKING BACK AND FORTH) OYO as many as possible for 2 minutes. NO RESTING

Results: Moose takes the curling belt home

Mosey to the playground again

Chicken Fight

Y’all remember this game. Hang opposite from each other and try to knock your opponent off. Elimination mode, you win you move to the next round.

Winner: Depot Original, Jazz hands. The man looked like a wild gamecock, NEW BABY POWER WOOOOOOOOOO

Back to the blocks, that was fun.

Merkin Challenge

  • 10 x block merkins IC
  • 10 Merkins OYO
  • 10 x block merkins IC

Each PAX will do as many Hand Release Merkins as possible in 2 minutes. Rest Position is UP


Moving on to the Chest Press Challenge 

  • 20 x Chest Press IC  HOLD AT THE TOP
  • 15 x Chest Press IC HOLD AT THE TOP
  • 10 x Chest Press IC RECOVER
  • Rest approx. 1 Minute

Each PAX will do as many chest presses as possible in 2 minutes

Results: Our 2nd FACE OFF each doing 80 in 2 minutes

Lumbergh v. YHC. 1 minute max out. YHC was moving through them smooth as extra creamy peanut butter mixed in with some caramel. Not sure what Lumbergh was doing.

Results: ANOTHER TIE (supposedly).

The results sparked a second tie breaker with a counter. 30 seconds, as many as possible

Results: YHC doesn’t remember. Blacked out. Whatever, doesn’t matter. Moving on

Next is the Block Swing Challenge

  • 10 x Bent Over Rows IC
  • 10 block swings OYO
  • 10 x Bent Over Rows IC
  • 10 block swings OYO

Each PAX does as many Block Swings as possible in 2 minutes. NO RESTING POSITION

Results: #2 Professor, Fool’s Gold. He has a block swing in his home gym. YHC Needs to upgrade his garage

Next is the Tricep Challenge

Do as many Tricep extensions in 90 seconds. Resting position, any way you choose but block must remain behind your head.

Results: Lumbergh.

Moving on to the LBC Challenge

  • 20 x LBC’s IC
  • 10 x BBSU OYO
  • 20 x LBC’s IC
  • 10 x BBSU OYO

Do as many LBC’s in 2 minutes as possible

Results: Fool’s Gold!!! 6 weeks into his plant based diet is really paying dividends



Honorable Mentions for Mumble Chatter

Fool’s Gold to Lumbergh: Need a cigarette?

Jazz Hands!!! You had to be there.

When Milkman was asked about his pinky, “its still sore like the first time…….”

Jazz Hands responded:

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. GROW UP

Ok, fine. Lumbergh won the Chest Press challenge. YHC demands a recount and PED testing.

Great work by everyone. See y’all next time

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